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  1. Marie, I am very sorry for the physical passing of your dear ones. However, dsmurph is completely right in what she says. It is most unreasonable for others who do not feel your personal pain to try to keep you for expressing your sorrow. I concur with her 110%. You do also need a break and those who would understand your situation should find a way to be able to help you, posthaste! Many blessings to you with my hope and prayer that you will soon find a solution to this matter and be in a better space.
  2. Dear ((((Kim))))It is always very painful when a parent passes away, especially when a child has been close to them all of their life. I am very sorry for your loss and reach out to you with love and prayers. And with you Mother having passed also I know it is most difficult at the moment for you, dearheart. People have different ways of grieving and the time element for grieving can extend for a while to a whole lifetime for some. It depends on the closeness and the degree of love a child has for their parents how long they will grieve.What you are describing that happens to you is typical for many people as they are engaged in the grieving process. The closeness of a dear family member is always with you no matter what anyone says and they always will be. But to suddenly find oneself having to "undo" what they were previously so used to doing such as cooking for the person, going in to check on them, etc. are habits that are hard to break. That part however, does not last forever. As soon as the rational mind can realize that they are not physically there anymore the normal routine of trying to do things for them will start to become less and less.We all go through these things, dear. We have our pain that can last a lifetime when we find we are no longer in the company of a loved one. Hard as it is to break the habit what may help you is to find good company with those who can be truly sympathetic to what you are going through perhaps get-togethers for such purpose in your hometown or seeking good church organizations. Please know that we are also here for you and you can feel free to discuss what you wish as just speaking about one's loved one can be most helpful in most circumstances. We have all been through this or are now going through it so we know exactly what you are feeling and we all wish you well and send you much love.Take good care of yourself. May God bless you and help you to go forward with your life during these especially trying hard times.
  3. Greetings! The Windbridge Institute has been an icon of great work for many years with their studies on the Afterlife and communication with the departed through gifted people. Dr. Julie Beischel, Ph.D. is currently in the process of conducting a new study concerning mediumship and the bereaved which is worthy of looking into. It is called "Bereavement and Mediumship (or BAM) Study." The Windbridge Institute: Can hearing from the dead heal the living? Julie Beischel, PhD. The Windbridge Institute Many blessings to you and your departed loved one(s)!
  4. Debi dearheart, I am so very sorry for the physical loss of your children. There are truly no words that can bring true comfort in times like these. And coupled by what you say about not receiving compassion from your spouse can certainly complicate matters even further. It could be that since you say your husband does not have children of his own he cannot feel what a dad would feel because they are not his own flesh and blood. His comment was perhaps done to try to make you feel stronger however, that was not the way to go about it, imho. Please know that at times like these it is very important to have someone to talk to. You need to air things out and come to an understanding about the situation. Do you have a good relationship with your husband's folks that you could speak to them about this? Perhaps they, being family, could help him understand what he appears not to about the situation. Local clergy and hotlines are also in most cities to help in matters such as these where things need to be ironed out so that families can stick together and be able to understand one another when the going gets rough. I will be praying for you and for the children that you lost as well as the ones you currently care for. Please don't feel overwhelmed as many times we all must go through certain processes in life as well as sacrifices that are sent our way and there is no other way but to "grab the bull by the horns", so to speak, and tackle the matter as best we can without upsetting ourselves in the process because it is not worth it for your overall well-being. The children obviously need you as they are still young and if they see that there is any type of questionable concern or anger about their being there or they being the cause of things, because they may not fully understand what is going on from a child's point of view, then it can only serve to upset them to a point that they may feel they are not wanted or are a burden being in the household. That must not be allowed to happen. So, if you sense that may be the case a good talk with them may also be warranted so that they will understand the situation. It would be wonderful if your spouse would be receptive to a good heart-to-heart talk about the matter where you can calmly speak to him about your concerns as you are feeling them and with him simply listening and trying to understand the situation. After all, you are married, therefore, partners in life, and partners are there "for better or for worse" so, he may need some 'nudging' to remind him of that fact and so he can hopefully bring a better understanding with added compassion to the situation. Men many times do not sense or feel what women do in situations such as this and may tend to be less compassionate, caring, or understanding as a consequence. It is when someone finally drives the point home in a way that they can see the hurt they are causing the family that they may finally snap out of it and "wake up and smell the coffee!" I hope he is able to do that and that next time you can report that things are getting better for all concerned! My prayers are with you and please know that with the will to change, it CAN certainly happen to anyone! May God bless you always and your children in all ways, dearheart! (((((Hugs))))) to you! Please know that we are here to talk to you anytime you feel the need!
  5. I just wanted to add that another problem I have been having is when I post something and then return to Edit the posting what I find is the posting only with HTML language. If I try to make any changes, the system will not accept them. If I do a 'refresh' or 'reload' it will still not allow me to do the changes. And if I try to use the Full Editor, that also is frozen and will not work. So, that is a further concern.I suspect that it could be something having to do with Scripts as the HTML panel to make a link "live" also freezes up most times! Thanks and I hope these problems can be rectified soon! Many blessings to all!-PLUS (UPDATED)- I am still unable to make any changes to the "About Me" Page! The button to go in there is still frozen! I am receiving the following message:"Error: Could not load template 'tabAboutMe' from group 'profile'."
  6. Greetings! In doing some research, I have found that for those using Firefox as their web browser there are the following "add-ons" or extensions that can be used to facilitate many things! Blessings to all and HAPPY EASTER, the day of Jesus Christ's resurrection! Pin Tool :: Add-ons for Firefox: Pinboard Extension :: Add-ons for Firefox: PinImage :: Add-ons for Firefox:
  7. Hi Mermaid Tears, Don't feel bad or that you are the only one who is having this problem. I too have had concerns about the posting as there seems to be a little "glitch" on the system these days that persists. One work-around I have had to do is when I am replying and the reply section with a quote and HTML board in the box for replying does not appear, I do a "Refresh" and then the section to reply appears. This may not always work for everyone, however. I'm sure Eric will get to the bottom of this matter and get back with you! He is quite good at solving problems such as these as ModKonnie says! Many blessings to you!
  8. This thread was started by the person above "Miss u momma" but somehow my name is appearing as having started this thread and it needs to be corrected to give credit to the proper person. Thank you.
  9. Since the door has been opened for discussion on whether Satan exists, it appears quite fair to let me point several things out. The following is, of course, only one of many Scriptures that make reference to the unequivocal existence of Satan. "And Jesus answered and said unto him, Get thee behind me, Satan: for it is written, Thou shalt worship the LORD thy God, and Him only shalt thou serve." -- LUKE 4:8 (KJV) As I said, this is only one of many Scriptures that speak about Satan in the Bible and the validity of his existence. The devil (Satan) is mentioned in 16 books of the Bible. This however, means that he is not only mentioned sixteen times but a great many more times than that throughout the 16 books. And who could know better than Jesus who was tempted by Satan in the mountain but whom He unequivocally repelled in the above Scripture. Satan's biggest lie is to have others believe that he does not exist! Only he does exist! But if he can make people believe he does not then he has done his job and souls will be lost. So great caution should be exercised before falling prey to his lies and deceit that translate into the fallen state of mankind. If anyone wishes to know the exact Books in the Bible where Satan is mentioned, please feel free to inquire about them and I will be glad to post back that information. Thank you.
  10. Dearest friend, I am so very sorry for the physical passing of your dear Mother that I know is so hard for you to bear. When a person has made their transition (returning back fully into spirit ) they have ways of communicating with those loved ones who remain in physical body. There are a myriad of ways in which they communicate. Dreams are the most common way because when we are in the dream state we temporarily leave our physical body to enter into the spirit world via our spiritual body. While there we are able to visit with our loved ones as well as others and many times they are able to impart information and other things to us that can be most helpful. In the case of your Mother showing up but seeming unhappy, that was most likely not a real dream visit from her, dearheart. You see, those who are with God are no longer unhappy, ill, or troubled. They are beyond that and are most happy, joyful, and tranquil in their new life. But when one has an experience such as with that particular dream you had it is somewhat difficult to explain but it could indicate her Earthly troubles that you were aware of that are resurfacing thus, you are picking up in this manner, most likely due to a hard day or experience that you may have had recently that can trigger such recollections. But as to it being she in that unhappy state, imho it would appear to be not so likely since again having left her physical body there is no more feelings such as those. Others however, with a soul that had deep and dark roots and experiences while on Earth of a kind such as those who commit dark acts against others who after leaving their physical body and going to spirit cannot release those thoughts or rest due to the law of cause and effect where they still remember their dark past and are reflecting upon it might communicate that but it is not very likely. However, it appears clear from what you have revealed in your posting that that is certainly not the case here and would therefore, not apply. Again, when you have a less than amicable day or some trouble in your own personal life, those very things can trigger such dark dreams that can indeed be 'nightmares' to many but you have to consider what is happening first of all and your own dispostion in order to better assess the dream. Another thing that can and does happen is that opportunistic dark memories brought on by things many times unknown can enter into the realm of the dream state such as to cause such 'dreams' to transpire. Therefore, a good rule of thumb is to always PRAY before going to bed! The LORDS Prayer as well as the Twenty-Third Psalm are always most helpful for protection along with your own prayers and intentions. Praying for a loved one now in spirit is also most helpful to them as it helps them to advance spiritually and grow in their new life with the loving vibrations of the prayers that you offer for them that are received as light. May God always bless you and protect you and may God provide cheerful, beautiful and loving dream visits from your Mom where you can see that she is well, happy, and at peace!
  11. This is a remarkable and Excellent account of a non-Believer convincing another of the Afterlife! A Must Read! Thank you. A non-believer convinces another non-believer of life after death | Michael Tymn blog on White Crow Books: http://whitecrowbook...fe_after_death/
  12. Dear Amie, First of all, I want to give you a Big (((((HUG))))) for being as courageous as you are and have been in dealing with your brother's tragedy. You certainly deserve that hug and I'm sure many others are with me on this. I am so very very sorry that you had to experience what you did and I offer my most sincere condolences on the physical loss of your dear brother. We will never completely know what drives people to do what they do and why they continue to do it knowing the odds are against them. It has been said that each person's mind is a different world. Indeed they live in their world that can either bring them happiness or torture and why, if it's the latter, do they continue doing that to themselves we just have to ask? It is the hardest not only for them but for the rest of the family who loves and cares for them. To see a sibling suffer as you describe your brother did, and you also along with him in your own way, is truly heartbreaking and I wish there had been another way for the ending to be a happier one. But his young life tragic as it ended may have resulted in perhaps letting others, through your testimony, become more aware of the Extreme Danger in taking such harmful drugs. Many people use drugs as a crutch to try to escape from reality others use perhaps other excuses which we may not fully understand. But one would expect for those whom they go to who are professionals to be cognizant enough of their problems such as to guide them away from the harm that is occurring. But truly they cannot be with them 100% of the time to supervise their behavior thus, that is where dark opportunity unfortunately raises its ugly head. While no words can be so comforting as having your dear brother incarnate and alive right there with you, please know that his spirit still lives on and suffers no more. Please know that you are loved and respected for trying to help your sibling during his time of most need and I'm sure he more than appreciates that you did that for him. Do try to relax and allow the Good Memories of your childhood together to emerge rather than the unpleasant ones that you have revealed to us. I pray that you will find Strength and Comfort in your life and that even though you may feel shattered from your present experience you will find that you are not alone in this and that God is right there with you to guide your life towards a more pleasant and loving tomorrow! May God bless you and your family and keep you safe and in His care.
  13. My dear who is missing her beloved, My heart truly goes out to you and your pain on the recent physical loss of your beloved husband. Because it is so recent, and even when it is not, many feel their life has effectively ended for them now that they have lost their spouse, only it hasn't. You see, because a spouse is such an important part of one's life the surviving spouse many times feels it is the end due to the grief they are experiencing. But because your relationship was based on Love and love continues even after a spouse's passing, your spouse would surely not want for you to join him before your appointed time. That is because life continues both here as well as there. And those who are departed understand only too well that all life is sacred and meant to be lived until our own time comes to transition fully back to spirit. I say 'fully back' because we are spirit already otherwise we could not be animated or function in this physical world. But we have an added layer on top of our spirit called our physical body with which to function here in this life. And since this life is ever so brief compared to the vastness and eternity of the life hereafter, those already there would not ever want for their beloved still on this Earth to go before their time. A person's birth starts the great countdown back to spirit at the moment they are born. No one knows why things happen as they do and why their partner in life must leave 'so soon'. But God makes no mistakes all must surely realize. We will leave at our appointed time and not one second before or after. For some that time is sooner than later but leave we all must. For the surviving spouse, living alone without their beloved, calls for added strength and tenacity to meet each new day and live it to the fullest which is what those in spirit would want for us to do. That is what makes them truly happy. But to hear that one feels so downcast and despondent that they feel they must leave before their time is what makes them truly sad and so hard for them. There have been many writings to this effect which should make us feel that all life is precious and though we miss our partner so very much, just knowing that they will be there for us when our time comes should make life worth living and a little easier to bear despite the pain and circumstances. So, please know that you are not alone in this. Many thought it was the end when their spouse departed but later came to terms with the fact that there was nothing they could have done to stop something that is predetermined by our Creator and inevitable. The challenge therefore remains on whether we will reach out in love to those departed and assure them that we are in a good frame of mind to continue our day-to-day living or whether we will be a great disappointment to them by having them know that we feel we cannot go on and have to end it all. The latter is what hits home like a poisoned dart for those in spirit. But to know that we have found Strength to go on and that we still Love and care about them but will be true to our mission here on Earth and will continue living is what gives them also the added strength to feel truly proud to have a spouse that can bear the pain yet emerge victorious over it such that they can continue living. And yes, your beloved Sherman knows truly how much you Love him as he is still with you in spirit and can plainly see it for himself. May God bless you always, my dear, and guide your life forward and lift your spirits high with the added blessing that you were able to overcome adversity and reemerge victorious and as a true blessing for all concerned.
  14. Every person grieves in their own way and in their own time, my dear. The loss of someone so close to one takes its toll on many. And when they feel isolation moving in, it makes it doubly hard. But instinctively, that is when we as human beings with a wonderful God-given brain to think, should kick back any negativity that creeps in to surround us and instead bounce back by knowing that all that has happened is in Divine order and there is nothing we could have done to affect the outcome once our Creator calls a loved one back home. It is because He is with us all that we can find great comfort and be encouraged in knowing that our life can be as beautiful as we make it to be or as harsh and devoid of that beauty as we think it should be. Remember that misery loves company! That wonderful and intelligent brain of yours has the great capacity to move mountains or to retain them. I believe that at your young age you have the full capacity to be a fighter that can spring back and despite the odds bounce back victoriously as undoubtedly your dear Mother would want for you to. If you don't feel like doing it for yourself, consider that a Mother would want only the very best for her child and that she would be expecting for you to recover and go on living your life as you were meant to do until at your appointed time you can reunite with her again! Take heart and know that You CAN do it and that it takes negative energy in order to feel down and hopeless and in the end it only makes you feel worse so choose to Feel Better and as you think, so you are! May God bless you and surround you with His Loving kindness, comfort, and His Eternal grace.