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    My 15 year old son, Jared (J.D.) killed (IMO) by an inattentive/impaired driver.
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    Born to Earth: April 23rd, 1996 ~ Reborn to Heaven: October 3rd, 2011


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  1. A sign from my angel? There is no light source from this direction, this comes from the front corner of the room where Jared's urn is! I'm a believer!!
  2. Merry Christmas to all here. I know it doesn't seem merry or happy particularly in the first few years, but I promise you, it will get softer with time. I lost my youngest child in 2011. He was only 15, and I still miss him every day. Bob,I am sorry for the loss of your son, Jake. The driver that hit and killed my boy was distracted from all evidence, but she was never charged, and it has just about broke me. I fought so hard for justice and after two years of that battle and no justice at all, in fact harrassed by that driver to my family, left me quite physically ill and I've been fighting to try to slow the downhill slide ever since. She did more than just kill my son, she has done serious harm to my whole family. I hope and pray for anyone going through this complicated grief. I can't advise anyone not to seek justice, it is a worthy cause, but remember to self care and lean on whatever support system you have, don't try to go it alone. We went to my mother's house for Christmas dinner today, and it was good to see everyone and particularly the young ones. I will post a pic of me with my new grandbaby, Libby, only two weeks old. So sweet! I have enjoyed all the poems and songs and pics posted! My eye feels better, but unfortunately I still can't see any better. Go back in January to see what comes next.
  3. Today I go for the first of a series of injections in my right eye. I developed DME after last year's cataract surgery, and can hardly see anything. The other eye has also developed a cataract, but can't do anything about that until the issue with my right eye is addressed. I am asking for your prayers.
  4. Well we finally got the tree up with all our many photos of Jared on it. This is the sixth Christmas without him here, and I've done this tree everyone of those years, because he was so young and still loved the holidays so much. His urn is in the front corner of our living room and the tree right next to it, so it feels like he can see all we are doing. The pain doesn't spill onto my cheeks quite as often as it did at first, but still there are triggers than can bring me right back to that awful ache and yearning to see and hold my son again. I do firmly believe that we'll see all our angels again, and we just have to hang on and move forward to honor them in whatever ways we can. We also went and did a clean up at the cemetery today. I will try to post pics of both. And finally, my new little granddaughter, born to my oldest son and his wife this week, on 12-12. Her name is Elizabeth, and they're calling her Libby. I have enjoyed all the photos, songs,and poetry shared here!Lora, a special thanks to you for the angel tree with all our angels!! That was so beautiful! Thinking of you, Kate, and your angel, Jeff. Gretchen, I too believe ours boys are together, and I imagine them jamming and playing video games! Sherry, I haven't had many dreams of my angel, but it was wonderful the few I have had. I wish sweet dreams of both your angels very soon. May God richly bless each of you with comfort and strength to keep moving forward.
  5. So very sorry for those who have gone through their Angel's birthdays or angeldates, added to the stress of the holidays. My heart goes out to all of you, Lora, Georgina, Diane, Gretchen I am still having big problems with my right eye, and the drops don't seem to be helping. I go back next Monday, so will find out what treatment comes next. Very frustrating. Plus I had another tooth fall out day before yesterday, so went to my dentist yesterday, and it wasn't good news. My jawbone on top is so deteriorated from osteoporosis, that they can't put the crown back in, and now they plan to remove the other 5 teeth I have left on top, and make a denture. I will find out when I go eback how much that will cost. I hope insurance will pay some of it at least. Then I went to see my Diabetic Dr, and they called back today with my blood work results, and my sugar levels were great! Heart, lungs, kidneys all good. Isn't that wonderful? So even when I have no teeth, can't walk, and can't see ****, I will continue to live. Omg. I just don't know what to think anymore. The best part of my busy day yesterday was last evening, I was in my recliner and fell asleep watching the news and thinking of my Jared, when I felt someone tap me three times on my bare right shoulder, which woke me up and I said "what"? rather sharply, only to look around and realize nobody was there. I had an overwhelming feeling that it was my angel, just letting me know he was there and watching over me. I have had signs over these five plus years, but never anything like that! Wow!! I was telling my daughter, Jasmine about it, and we agreed that he would be laughing at my initial reaction. I went over to his urn, kissed the top and told him, "stay with me son".
  6. Missing you, my precious son, Jared (JD). our 6th Thanksgiving without you... Omg, how is that even possible? I think I made this picture in 2013, before I started having all the health problems. Dee, thank you for the poem , so poignant.
  7. Betsy, thank you for honoring my son, Jared (JD), by sharing my story with those who would text and drive. These types of death are so preventable. Today I commented on a post regarding the school bus crash in Tennessee, which from all reports was also totally preventable. Five young lives lost. And many more injured because it would seem the driver chose to speed! Thank God, at least they seem to be doing a thorough investigation. Yesterday, there was a report that the mother of the 24 year old driver had stated that " it was all God's will". I commented: Many parents have commented how they cannot imagine how these parents feel, and you're right, unless you have experienced the sudden tragic loss of a child at the hands of another, You cannot possibly imagine. . So don't tell them, "call me if you need anything", they are too hurt, too shocked, too much in pain to know what they need! Pray for them, for God's comfort, and BE THERE for them! Help them prepare a meal, or take them a meal, help them get through their days or nights, be a shoulder to cry on, and DO NOT tell them their child's death is all a part of God's plan! God does not plan for innocent children to be be horribly injured or killed! This was at the hands of someone who was careless or inattentive, and oftentimes under the influence! Death is from the enemy! God does not prevent our free will to choose. He is there with open, loving arms to bring these young ones into paradise. Use your energies to honor those lives lost by letting your voice be heard against careless and distracted driving, against impaired driving, and do your part to make this a bit safer world for our children.
  8. 53 years ago today, our country lost President John F. Kennedy. Do you remember where you were when this sad news broke?
  9. Maryann, I hope your sweet angel son visited with you on his angeldate. We all know how hard these dates are, and am sending you hugs! Sherry, you are on my mind as we remember your sweet baby Lisa, a beautiful angel in heaven. Kate, so glad your hubby is recovering from his surgery. I'm still on drops to try to fix the problem with my retina. And if not may have to do shots or surgery. I bought our new kitty, Raja, a toy, as he is so mischievous and always getting into something. Here he is playing with it and our older cat, Nora happy getting into the packing box the toy came in! Then here is Raja after about two hours of play! Worn out!! Thinking of and praying for all of us.
  10. Hi all, and thank you, Dee, for asking about me. I am still recuperating from a fall from about a month ago, but getting on much better now. Still not seeing well out of my right eye, although the doctor saw some improvement this last checkup, and recommend to continue with the drops for another month. I can only pray my sight gets better, as it is really scary sometimes. Particularly outside, cause I can't clearly see what's on the ground in front of me. Thank you to Steve's mom for posting one of my poems, and im so glad you could relate to it. I'm sad that I can't see well enough to do any new pictures of my son, as it brought me comfort to do so. Here is the very first writing I tried to do. Which was a bit more than a month after he was killed. Here also is one of the early pictures I created. Dee, I know how you feel about this election. As most of you know, I am a white woman married to a black man, more than 30 years now, and had two gorgeous, special children, my youngest, Jared being killed just over five years ago, and no justice for his death, had already left me feeling hurt and like our justice system had failed us. Now I'm listening to my daughter, who was 26 this summer, expressing her fears of her future in this country. it breaks my heart. My Jared was so proud and happy when Obama was elected, he knew just how special it was. The 30 foot statute if Martin Luther King Jr. Was opened on the same day as Jared's funeral, and the pastor made mention of that in Jared's service. This picture took me days to finish, but is very special to me. I am thankful for these things I did accomplish while my health issues had not yet become such an issue. Thinking of all of you. Much love!
  11. Jesse,Jesse, Jesse, happy Angelversary! I hope all of our angels are surrounding you, and that you will brush your angel wings against your mama today, letting her feel a sense of you everywhere. To Tommy's mum, sorry you have also lost your son. Please continue to join us here, and we'll do our best to help you by holding your hands and heart as you walk this path. Kate, I was thinking if you today when I posted the posters about seeing our son's again in heaven. I absolutely believe and trust in that promise. Susan, Dee & Gretchen, loved all the family pics! Georgina,Thanks for including all our angels with your retreat project! That was sooo sweet!
  12. Made a new flower wreath for the sign that marks the crash site. Here the sign marks the area where Jared died. You can see just how narrow this road really is. This was just a few minutes before 7pm, and by the time we drove back home (1/4 mile away) it was nearly dark. Thank you to each who posted wishes and pics today in remembrance of Jared. I also bought a lion necklace today to add to his urn. It's so sparkly, you can't see it very clearly here. I know Jared would be wearing it! As has been the case each year since his passing, the days leading up to this date were harder than the date itself, but you are right, Susan, you do find yourself thinking about what you were doing at this same time five years before. So much of the timeline is firmly engrained into my mind because of our efforts for justice. I don't think I will ever be able to change that. We lit three paper lanterns when we got home, as this is the first time there was no wind here. It was still scary! One started towards a tree and I yelled "get it Jared", and I swear it stopped and went straight up just missing the tree! We do feel Jared's presence around us always. Dee, so sorry about your friends husband. So sad for her and her children. Prayers! Love to all!
  13. Five years today.