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  1. Hi Jewell: So sorry for your loss, i lost my mom 7 months ago, feels like yesterday, I enjoy going to the cemetary just to be near her. Crazy right. My mom like your dad was everything to me. It was just me and mom. I am so glad you had a wonderful dad, i know its painful, many of us feel this. I joined a grief support group at a church and it helped alot. Church helps too, Keep your head up and being around others who have sustained a loss is very good because they truly understand like no one else ever will. I look around at all the happy people and just feel like. Is she really dead, No it cant be. I am thinking of driving to florida where her and i werre going to go before she passed. I have been living with roommates since she passed and i haven't been happy living with strangers so i think i am heading down to florida this weekend. Say a prayer for me, i will pray for you dear. Debbie
  2. If it were me, it would have been very hard on my mother. She was 87 and too old to suffer the loss of her daughter, although she lost a few sisters and some friends. I am thinking of going down to tflorida for a while. I am so fed up with everything right now. My moms death is so sad, i can't talk to her or go see her. Sometimes i wonder what the point is.
  3. Chloe are you any better? What have you been doing this past week? Keep us posted please. Sir Tulsa: Your mom just passed give it time, its so hard for all of us, hang on, come here and talk.. Debbie i will be praying for both of you..... It was there time, we have to learn to go on without them. It sux but it is part of the life cycle, we will die one day also but not now it is not our time. You must try to be strong and hold on. Join a support group, there are some on facebook even, go to your local church, that helps me alot. A grief support group, everyone there has a loss and they understand we hold hands and pray at the end. I will ever be so grateful for that. I am moving in 2 days and my world seems turned upside down again. Story of my life since mom died, Can't deal with roommates from craigslist anymore. its so hard going on without my mom but i have to do it. Prayers for all of us for strength perseverence, a renewed sense of well being. I go to the gym swim and work out that helps alot. Find people with likes like your own and hang around them. Prayers of strength. Debbie
  4. Chloe are you ok, come here and talk with us.
  5. I understand and feel your pain, join me on facebook and go on facebook to "prayer group for whoever is in need 4.0" we have a great healing and caring group. please join us type it in the line in your facebook and i am on facebook under dad245@nau.edu hope to see you dear we can help each other. Nameste ~~
  6. Loss of my mother

    I know how you feel. I am still lost without my mom sometimes especially when something goes wrong. Join a grief support group it helps. My car is in the shop so i couldn't go this week to share my pain so its bothering me plus i am moving sat. My mom was my best friend, its hard to comprehend sometimes. I will pray for you and join us in prayer go to facebook and type in " prayer group for whoever is in need 4.0" and join hope to see you there. Debbie
  7. Chloe: Dont do anything crazy. I am so sorry your mom is gone. Its horrible isn't it? I know exactly how you feel. I lost my whole world when my mom died. It was just her and I. I I have to move friday, been so hard since she died, i know how you feel. There is nothing like a mothers love, I know another girl who is not much older than you who lost her mom. She thought she might die also. The world seems different now doesn't it. I know. I had a wierd day, walking, my car is in the shop and i just started crying, thinking I can't believe she is gone. Its so sad, but in time you will get stronger and you have to push yourself to find things you enjoy. Try not to let people bother you. I know its easier said than done. I live with roommates who can be very disrespectful when they feel like it. I am moving on Saturday and i just want my mom back to go stay with. We were so so close, sometimes i cannot imagine my life without her. Some things help, like visiting places and stores where we went keeps her memory alive, later after a few months start looking at her pictures. Grief actually keeps us close to our loved ones. I will pray for you in our prayer group. Here is the link on facebook to the prayer group. once on facebook type in "prayer group for whoever is in need 4.0" and join us we would love to pray with you dear. Debbie
  8. Loss of My Mom, Betty

    Sorry for your loss. You will feel it very soon and you won't heal till you do. I lost my mom to parkinsons 6 months ago. She was all i had, i am devestated and continue to be. Every change in life, moving or whatever brings it all back. I will pray for your peace and comfort. I believe your grieving will come, sometimes months later you feel it. Nice to meet you. Debbie
  9. Hi Saramom: I am so sorry for your loss. I know exactly what you mean. I lost my mother 6 months ago. Its so hard, tonight i was crying walking down the street because my car is in the shop till friday. I am moving because i don't get along with my roommates i just want her back. Every change, every trigger its so hard. I will pray for you and keep coming here went you need to chat. Prayers of healing and comfort for you. Deb
  10. Lost mom a week ago

    This is normal especially if she had addictions, other people feel guilty they did not do enough, in time you will heal. So sorry for your loss and the emptiness is so hard to take, because that person was in our lives all of our lives. I lost my mom 6 months ago i wstill cry, she was my best friend and the best mom in the world.
  11. losing my mom

    Katie: How are you? I am so sorry about your mom. I lost my mom 6 months ago and she was my best friend, some days i just don't know what to do, others i am ok. We are here to chat. Debbie, time heals some of it and the pain gets less but your right there is an empty place where she was. i like to go to the cemetary and talk to my mother now before i could barely bring myself to go,
  12. "I don't know what to do"

    I am so sorry for you rloss. i lost my mom 6 months ago and she was my best friend. We are here to chat. Time will help you some and you have to work thru the rest. Debbie
  13. Loss of my mother

    Hi Sara: I lam sorry for your loss, i lost my mom 6 months ago, when things go wrong it really hurts for some reason. I was so close to my mother. Hope you start feeling better, you are not alone, i am left completly alone without my mother.
  14. * Excellent CD on Anger! *

    hey angel are you in the UK or US? Im asking because my mom was from glasgow scotland and i am in us. I am hoping to visit scotland soon. Deb
  15. Loss of My Father

    Christina: Sorry for your loss, my mom passed 6 months ago she was 87 a good age. Same thing she caught mrsa which is similar in a nursing home, it was awful, i tried to help her earlier by the time she was put into the hospital she only lived 14 days, contrary to your dad my mom had a very strong heart but they made some mistakes. While she was weak they did an endoscopy which was not a good idea. anyway i am healing now and getting better but it was very tough. I was floored for a while i am better now. By the way i am in NJ and was in calif for awhile and had mom in ucla too. I miss her so much and can barely function without her she ws my best friend. I think i am going to go to florida for a while. Nameste take care Debbie