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  1. A website I created for our loss loved ones www.mostlovedgraves.com It provides a way to share the loving memories and image of our loved ones to the world please visit it and particiapte

  2. Its only been 2 months since my mom passed, its cool you keep coming on here to give others hope. Thank you..

  3. aloha,

    Thank you so much too for accepting me on your friend list. I was wondering if you could please get this special gift i made for our lost loved ones www.mostlovedgraves.com to share the loving memories and image of our lost loved ones to the world.

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  4. Hey thank you so much too for accepting my friend request.

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  5. Hey thank you too for adding me to your friend list :)

    Please add your mom and dad to this site and get them a special gift to have their memories and image be shared to the world at www.mostlovedgraves.com

  6. Hi Susan,

    Thank you for accepting my add and being my friend on here.

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  7. Nov. 3, 2011 just made 2 years since the passing of my mom. I love and miss you so much mom

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    2. mikesmum


      Thanks for adding me to your friends. Its such a journey that lightens when we share our sorrow...Trudi

    3. Zoes_Momma


      Thank you for adding me as a friend. My 21 year old daughter, Zoë, died one year, one month, and 11 days ago. I am so sorry for the loss of your mom. I so hope all of us here are able to some day find peace. Much love and compassion, izzi

    4. debbie880


      mom you died 3 weeks ago, i can't believe it and i struggle with it everyday. Lord have mercy.

  8. Loss of an Adult Child

    Hey my fellow friends, Please take time to visit this www.mostlovedgraves.com in loving memory of my mother and many others who's on this site. Its a very special Gift to get for our lost loved ones. Thank you so much, Bryson www.mostlovedgraves.com
  9. Hello Everyone, Today makes 2 years since my mother have passed away, I made this site for people like me who lost someone very special.Please Visit www.mostlovedgraves.com and take a quick look on how you can get something very unique and special for our lost loved ones. Thank you so much, Bryson
  10. http://www.mostlovedgraves.com My mom Eileen Gonzalez was a trooper; she fought cancer and other illnesses for nearly 10 years. She was the backbone of me and all I had, there’s not a day that goes by that I don’t think of her. As days, months and years goes by of my mother not physically being here anymore.I struggle to find that perfect gift for her during special occasions including her birthday, mother’s day etc. Me and my family have spent thousands of dollars for her funeral ceremony, headstone, flowers and all the common things people get for tribute to their loved ones. But what I really want for her is something different, something that would help her graveyard be noticed among the many graves in her cemetery, something that would make not only me or my family, but the entire world to see who she is and to forever remember the memories of my mom. Thisis when I came up with an idea, an idea that has the potential on fulfilling the perfect graveyard gift I have describe. First I thought of the cemetery itself, what I wanted was my mom’s grave to be noticed by everyone, to make her grave glow among others. I’ve gotten things like solar lights, flowers and a beautiful headstone for her, but this didn’t cut it because when I looked around many other graves consisted of the same gifts my mom had. That’s when I thought about giving my mom a nameplate or a badge like item that would be placed on her headstone to show people that she is part of something special, but what would that special thing be? After brainstorming this idea I thought of linking the nameplate with a website because now a days that’s where everyone is spending a lot of time on, which is the Internet! So there I found it that “special thing” the nameplate would be linked to a website I needed to create, not just a normal website, but a website that would be potentially seen and visited by millions of people. In order to make the website special and unique I added features on it, where people could submit a picture of their loved ones and a nice bio about them to share with everyone around the world. The most unique part of this website is that there is only a limit of 1 million loved ones that could participate in this, meaning out of the billions of graves around the world only 1 million will have this special opportunity to have this nameplate on the headstones showing others that they are part of a special website. A website that provides information and a visual representation of our lost loved ones, which will soon be seen by millions across the world. Where were youwhen you had a chance to show the world your loved one and to have their memories cherished, seen and remembered forever? This unique graveyard gift along with the website is now LIVE and could be received by visiting http://www.mostlovedgraves.com