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  1. Carol, I think of you every time I see a punch buggy. Not too many around these days. The kids loved to play that game when they were young. What a treat to have so many surprises from the "boys" on Father's Day. I have always been deeply moved by my friends death at such a young age. it simply defied all reason to a young person. Her sister lived to grow up and marry and have a family. Sadly, she died in her forties and is buried along with her other family members. Dee, I hope hubby is making a good improvement. How is his gardening coming along? We have yet to experience any real heat. Tomatoes are still growing, but should really take off with some serious heat. Things are getting busy with the upcoming 150th celebrations for Canada Day coming up. Parties and events galore. Wishing everyone a peaceful evening.
  2. Carol, how lovely to hear from you. I am so glad that you have made a good recovery from your accident. It sounds as if it was a close call indeed. I remember what a trooper your Mike was. He always found a way to see the brighter side to things. I'm sure he is now in a wonderful place alongside your sweet boy. Thanks for letting us know how you are doing. We think of you often. I have not posted for some time. Many things to do and keeping me busy. I, too, have found myself moving forward and taking each day with all of the challenges that it presents. I think of everyone often and know that I am sending love as face each and every special occasion. I am not sure if this a case of happenstance or a sign but I have a little happening that I wanted to share. On Saturday my husband and I were in the city and had the opportunity to pass the cathedral in St. Boniface where they held the funeral for my friend that died at the age of twelve many years ago. As there is a wonderful french bakery down the street we decided to stop on our way to the bakery and look for the grave site of my friend. We took ages as I had not visited since her death and my memory was not is not as it once was. I found that she had been moved to a larger family area that held a huge upright stone. The names of all of her family that had passed were written on the stone along with that of one of her sisters. On Sunday we decided to go outside and decorate our property for the upcoming Canada 150 celebration. As were working towards the front of our yard a man and a woman walked along the road past us. He appeared to hesitate as I glanced at them. He then stopped and walked back. He asked me if I remembered him. Well, I did not as many years have passed. It turned out that he was the son of the sister that had died and was buried alongside my friend. This was the first time he had ever walked past our place. What a shock. Even my husband who is often skeptical had to shake his head. I guess they did know that we had gone to visit and were showing us that they were aware. How lovely. Sending warm and loving wishes to all of you for peace restored once again in your lives. Love to All, Kate
  3. Just quickly stopping by to say that I am thinking of everyone on the site... both old and new. Hang on with both hands. The days can be challenging with many ups and downs. Lou Ann, it differs with various employers as to their handling of grief. My husband found the utmost of concern and care from his workplace. They were very concerned and extremely understanding. I am so sorry that you had such a bad experience. It is HOT,HOT, HOT for the next week. They are calling for a high of +34C the next several days. It seems to be either too cool or too hot. Not much in between any longer. I imagine the cottagers will be up by the droves shortly. At least there is a lovely breeze off of the water. Very refreshing. Wishing everyone a peaceful weekend. Kate
  4. Susan, how comforting for the family to know that they are now safe in God's keeping. Lou Ann...The former CN Park is now called the Industrial Park. The area was once a former RCAF training Base and closed in the early 70's. It then became used as a glider pilot training base for air cadets and the tracks were used and still are for auto racing. You may remember the story of the Gimli Glider that was a Boeing 767 that on July 23 (my birthday) ran out of fuel on a flight from Montreal to Edmonton and the pilot used his glider training to avoid a horrific crash and glided the plane down on to the runway. They made a movie about it with Dan Aykroyd. This happened not long after we converted to the Metric system and they had miscalculated the amount of fuel. Dee, Dianne, Becky...I hope you are all feeling somewhat better this morning.
  5. Dianne, Jeff tended to follow goalies as he was a goalie himself when he played. The Ottawa Sens were a favorite at a point before the Jets. My boys are avid hockey fans. In fact Ross has the game on now...and Ottawa is leading at this time. Hope you are doing ok this evening. Lou Ann The CP rail stopped making the run in this area some time ago. The Lake Line Rail now runs up to Diageo in Gimli where they distill Crown Royal and from there it is bottled somewhere in Southern Ontario.
  6. Lou Ann, I was born and raised in Winnipeg. We moved up to our cottage on Lake Winnipeg several years ago. We love it up here and find that it is only an hour drive to the city. The little town close by is called Gimli.
  7. Dee, hope you felt better as the day progressed. Dianne, oh goodness...that sounds very uncomfortable. I'm glad the procedure went well. Heck, I wish I lived closer to everyone to help out with tea making, etc. Lou has been very unsettled in our neck of the woods as well. I really wish it would stay sunny for a full day! I agree that the sun lamp is a great idea. The dreaded summer folks are returning to open their cottages for the long weekend. Hope you have a good one. Laurie, I too hate it when I lose a post. Hope your day was a good one. I read this today in the obits... Do not judge a song by its duration, Nor by the number if its notes. Judge it by the richness of its content, And by the way it touches and lifts the soul, The unfinished song is precious and dear. And when it has enriched your life and its melody lingers on in your heart it is not unfinished; it is endless. Sending warm wishes to All for a peaceful evening. Kate
  8. Dee, sorry about the strep. Take it easy and hopefully you will feel better soon.
  9. Tinay, I am so sorry that you are going through this difficult time. We all know how rough those first two years are. Each day is a terrible struggle to just get up and keep going. Replaying those last moments is something we all do for some time. As a parent we need to feel we were there for them up until the end. We ask ourselves what we could have done to perhaps prevent such a terrible thing happening. The bottom line is that there is nothing as it was her time to go. Please... as hard as this ...know that we are here and do understand how much you are hurting. We would take it away if only we could. Stay strong and just hold on to the fact that it will ease somewhat in time. Gretchen...I love your locket. It's beautiful! Susan, thanks for sharing your pictures. Veto is growing by leaps and bounds. That cheeky monkey has found a great new home. Dee, stay in bed and self care today. I hope you will be feeling better by tomorrow. Becky, it must be so hard to have seen that car. I am glad that the salesman was horrified to hear what had happened. Would you consider buying the car and having it taken to a wrecking yard? I do worry that your health will suffer from this added stress. Jared would most definitely want you to be as healthy as you can be. Take care of yourself! are you? Thank you again for your kindness. We are up and putting one foot in front of the other. I know that any prayers on our behalf can not help but be beneficial. It is cloudy and cool today. Perhaps the rain in the forecast will freshen things up a tad. I am wishing everyone a decent day today. Kate
  10. Oh gosh, sorry to see that so many are struggling with various issues. With the full moon last week I find it always seems to send things into a tail spin. Moods soar up and down like crazy. Also, Mother's Day is always one of the hardest to get through. I'm glad it is over, but will admit that it was not as difficult as I was anticipating. My granddaughters are real little artist's and painted me individual flower pots at school. I am over the moon and now just have to find a perfect little plant for each one. I just spoke to my youngest and it always brings a smile to my face hearing her little voice. She is such a cutie. They are ready to murder their dog however. He is definitely NOT a house dog. He is more of a sheep dog that belongs on a farm. That dog has eaten the legs on their dining room chairs, chewed the corner of an entrance wall, etc. Loony for sure! We walked into the site again yesterday. Then afterwards we headed to a few greenhouses to browse. I was in my glory and managed to do some damage for sure. Ross is handling his latest issue as he always does. Like a trooper. I am the one that is beginning to crumble. I find I am needing to sleep more than ever before as my energy is beyond sapped. I can't seem to get enough sleep these days. We had a quiet but terrific dinner last night and then watched a program called Dickensian. I am really enjoying it. Ross's way of dealing with things is to just get on with it and keep as busy as he can. I can't say how much I admire his determination not to give in to things. It was a beautiful day here today with lots of sunshine and very pleasant temps. I am organizing my gardens and planning my shopping excursions for flowers. Stay strong everyone and hold on with both hands. I hope things begin to calm down for all of you soon. And Becky, remember your health! You have to look after you as you have been through so much lately. Love to ALL, Kate
  11. Dianne, how very kind of you. Your prayers are very much appreciate as are the wishes of everyone on this site.
  12. Darcy, thanks for thinking of us. We just got home from a lovely walk into Jeff's site. I took some beautiful roses and placed them on the garden. I have to say that today I am just about done in. I am totally exhausted and can honestly say that I think I have reached the saturation point. I don't ever remember being this tired before. I plan to research the drug and ask a ton of questions before they start him on it. We'll see.
  13. Thank you, and I wish you a peaceful day as well!
  14. Thanks Susan for thinking of us. We have been very busy with one thing and another. I, too find that with Mother's Day upon us I always sink into a form of melancholy. Memories of happier times long since past, etc. Thank heaven for those memories. I have opened up my box of treasures and found one of Jeff's home made cards from school that I have placed on a table. Dee, you will never know how much I appreciate the time spent with his teachers making those cards when he was so young. Today they fill my heart with a real sense of warmness and somehow it brings him closer to me on this special weekend. I honestly feel that is does not matter how many years have passed we will always feel their absence on special occasions. Darcy, I remember how shocked we were to see Jeff at the funeral home for a private viewing. Nothing can ever prepare you for the shock of seeing them like this. I simply will not allow myself to dwell on that occasion. I fill my head with memories of better times. It takes time for the shock suit to wear off. It will start to lessen in time. I know it is hard. We found out this week that the eye surgery that my husband had last November did not go quite as successfully as we had hoped. I noticed on Easter Day that the growth had returned. His surgeon feels that it is cancerous and is scheduled to operate on June 1st. She is also hoping to start him on Interferon (sp) which scares me as he had such a bad reaction to his Folfox drugs and they stopped his chemo at four months instead of six. He is facing this as he does everything that he has encountered. It is what it day at a time. No sense in blocking it out. I wonder if they will remove his eye? As the cancer spread to his lymph nodes you just can't know where it has spread to. Please keep him in your prayers. We are off to Jeff's site shortly. The sun is shining, but it is still quite cool for May. I am sending warm wishes to all for strength and a peaceful day tomorrow filled with many beautiful memories. Love to All, Kate
  15. Grief never ends... but it changes. It's a passage,not a place to stay. Grief is not a sign of weakness, nor lack of faith... It is the price of love.