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  1. Dying Consciously

    I am wondering what the Sophian view onconscious dying and preparing for ones death is when the end comes. I think thebest way to approach this great transition is the practice of transference ofconsciousness as described in another post in the order of St. Lazarus. Meeting a person from a different spiritualbackground sparked this contemplation. I am wondering if practices from theirbackground resonate with Sophian teachings or if they are a distraction in ourview: If one feels the end coming should the process bequickened by not eating and drinking? Is this a shamanic tradition? Is itpossible to find out the time of one’s death and what would be the value ofthis knowledge? In the teachings on Keter in "Gnosis of theCosmic Christ" we learn that we can transcend our karma more or less onthe spiritual path and that our relationship to god can be likened to that of anovice chess player to a master chess player. So it seems that there is nofixed time of death and that free will plays an important role. It is alwaysgood to live as consciously as possible every day and be prepared for death inthat way. But can more be said about this topic? I am looking forward to learn from other Sophianfriends.
  2. Is it okay to be angry?

    i really think you should talk it out with him. it really was unacceptable of him to leave without a word and not leave you with a way to contact him. you should let him know how you feel, because it's really very unhealthy to keep things bottled up not only for your health, but also for your relationship. it's vital for there to be good communication in a relationship. that way, you'll find out earlier on if it just won't work out between the two of you. also, your fiance really should be helping you out more, you know? sure he plays with the baby when you're cleaning up, but maybe sometimes he should be the one cleaning up while you look after the baby? if he never experiances what you do and how you feel, then he won't truly be able to sympathize with how you feel. and another thing, it seems that your baby's father is the root problem of all this. i thikn that the two of you should sit down and talk things out, maybe have a mediatore ready for if things get out of hand. you need to let him know that if he wants to come and stay over at your house, he also needs to do some of the cleaning up, because it isn't fair for you to have to clean up after him since you aren't his mother, you aren't his sister, and you sure as hell aren't his lover.