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  1. What is really weird for me is that I sleep so hard, I cant get enough, and it is so hard to get out of the bed in the morning. I guess its depression. Its coming up on a month in 4 days since my mom passed. I dont really want to do anything but I know I have to work. For the first few days following her death I forgot to eat. Now I eat really unhealthy, things like cake and icing not really food. my job offers counseling so I went to that, only went once. the counselor was still in college and from what I could tell could not really relate to what is going on with me. for those of you who cant sleep, what are you going to do? you have to do something or it could mean your health or sanity? Before I go to sleep I sometimes lay there for a while thinking about my mother. It is so consuming. But once I go to sleep....i cant get enough.
  2. I lost my mother almost a month ago and I am having such a hard time with this. I am 41, divorced mother of 3. My mom was 79 and going to turn 80 on her next birthday next month. My oldest son (her first grandson) graduated with honors on June 13th. The entire family had a great time (we ate afterwards). Two days later my mom had a heart attach over night and passed away. She was alone. She had called me at 11:30 the night before, when she found out I was on my way to bed she said nevermind she would talk to me "tomorrow" the next call I received was my brother saying that she had passed away over night. I never thought that our time was so short. I keep having thoughts that maybe she was upset with me when she passed because she decided not to talk to me till the morning. Then I think about her being alone. I think about me not saying I love you one last time. Our relationship was strained at times but when she needed something if i couldnt do it right then I would tell her when I could do it and then I would do it. That night we talked she upset me because I told her to talk to me and she wouldnt she said she would talk to me the next day. This recent mothers day as I was on my way to church she called me to ask me to take her to the hospital....my brother lives five minutes away and my neice (30years old) spent the night with her... I live 13 miles away. I skipped going to church and I came to pick her up...I was a little angry when I found out my neice was there...why didnt she have her take her to the hospital...what if this was a true emergency. Turns out she wanted me so in hindsight I am glad that I took her. I hope that she knows that I loved her even thought I didnt say it enough. I am having a hard time just going on with my life and I dont know how I will make it through this.