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  1. I Lost My Little Girl Gia in an Instant!

    Hi Modkonnie, Thank you for thinking of me. I was kind of wondering why more people don't respond on this web site. Anyway, I miss Gia terribly. I look at her picture and Ijust want to melt into a puddle of tears. I know what happened was not my fault. We feel certain that she had a stroke. My cousin, who lives in NY on a farm with her husband and 2 kids emailed me last month saying she was taking care of the runt of a litter of Shih Tzu's and it was a female and did I want her. Well, I emailed back right away that of course I did. We are ready for her, she is coming on the 16th. I am meeting her husband in Mass. to pick her up. I have bought everything we need. I am so excited to have a little girl again! I named her "Gretel" and asked that they start calling her this. She is adorable. White with some beige mixed in. She was born Jan. 17th, 10 days after Gia passed away. Anyway, my problem is that I look at Gia's photo and I feel so guilty. Another little girl, how could any dog really take Gia's place? I know they are different dogs and have different personalities and I think even if I got a dog next year, I would feel the same way. I am trying to get over my guilt. Thank you, Modkonnie, Giasmommy
  2. Interesting article about grieving a pet

    Dear Modkonnie, This was an amazing article. I lost Gia on Jan 10, 2011. I am not ready now but I will be in the future. I thought about possibly 6 months to a year, depending on how my husband and I feel. This was truly a horrible, sudden death for us and we will take it one day at a time. This was one of our children. We only have furry ones. Today is a bad day for me, I cried for most of it. Luckily, I had my 2 other dogs here. I don't know what I would do without them. They and my husband are my hugs. A new little Shih Tzu will come our way soon. I have her name picked out. Thank you, Modkonnie. giasmommy
  3. Processing Loss (Informative article)

    Thank you, Modkonnie. You are very thoughtful, kind and understanding. I don't know what I would do without this forum. giasmommy
  4. Hi,

    I am so sorry about the loss of your mom. How horrible that must be. I cannot relate to that but I did lose a brother who was plucked from my life in an auto accident.

    It hurts. It's still fresh and you need your time to grieve. This is what happens now. Cry, be angry, do what you need to do right now for you.

    She is in Heaven. A beautiful place.

    I am so so sor...

  5. I Lost My Little Girl Gia in an Instant!

    I am still feeling horrible. I feel so lost without her. I miss her so much and it just hurts so bad. I still have her sympathy cards visible because I am scared of forgetting her, I do not want want to cheapen her death by removing them. Does that sound weird? I have two frames that are personalized with a pic of her when she was a baby and then when she was an adult. I am angry that this happened and that she was plucked out of my life so quickly. In an instant, in front of me, she was gone. The doctor's think it was heart failure. I saw no visible sign and would never, ever want this precious part of my life suffer. My husband gets it. My parents don't want me to talk about it anymore. Basically, it's "What do you want us to say"? HELLO??? Listen. Let me cry and tell it's okay to cry. My friends are supportive, the ones who have lost animals. I am so grateful she was in my life and will remain a beautiful, precious memory to the people who loved her. She came into my life in my first marriage in which I left my husband after 5 years. My song with Gia was "You and Me Against the World", by Helen Reddy. My ex was very lazy and disconnected, so it was me and Gia. The Rainbow bridge poem is on one of her pic frames. It's a beautiful poem. However, there is another poen out there that I cannot locate. It has the dog's pic on top and the poem is spoken from the dogs point of view. Please, PLEASE, if anyone know's of this poem, let me know. Thank you! HUGS to all who have lost a pet. giasmommy
  6. I Lost My Little Girl Gia in an Instant!

    You are very kind and thoughtful!! Giasmommy
  7. Loss of my brother & Sister

    I am so so sorry for your loss of your brother and sister. I lost my brother and cousin in motorcycle accidents the day after Thanksgiving 19 years ago. It was the most horrible, shocking event I have ever been through. 19 years ago doesn't change the hurt or loss you feel. He will be 50 in March. They were on 2 separate bikes and a car came and witness es saw the car run them off the road. No license plate was seen because it happened so fast. I came up for air a year later. I was devastated. Depressed, couldn't and didn't want to go out and talk to anyone. Depressed, depressed...... My family keeps him alive through pictures, memorials, talking about he good memories, etc...and that I will NEVER EVER FORGET THIS HORRIBLE EVENT. I have also realized that the most important thing is that when you are ready, his passing will incorporate itself into your life. It will come naturally. My life will never be the same, ever, ever! Your life will not either but time heals in the way that you are able to function better in life and do things that you used to do. when people say "you will get over it", ignore them. He is in my heart and soul and there isn't a day that goes by that I do not say a prayer for him. I strongly believe in heaven. I know they are both there. I am lucky to have had such a wonderful , loving brother in my life for as long as I did and so are you to have a loving brother and sister in your life. They are in heaven, I believe. Love an blessings to you! You are in my thoughts and prayers. giasmommy
  8. I Lost My Little Girl Gia in an Instant!

    HI ModKonnie, I am doing better. I miss that little girl with all my heart. I leave flowers all the time and visit her at my parents daily. I cannot upload a picture. My computer is unable to do that at this time. Thank you for checking in with me. I appreciate it more than you know. Giasmommy
  9. I Lost My Little Girl Gia in an Instant!

    Thank you so much for your support. It means a lot to me to know that there are people out there who know what it feels like. Today is the fifth day of my loss and feel somewhat like I can function. She was my little girl. I never had children so I consider her my child. I know you understand that. I look at pictures of her and I cannot believe that this has happened. I guess I'm still in shock. She was just such a beautiful Shih Tzu with the sweetest of personalities. I spoke to her vet at length and he thinks that it was probably an aneurism or heart failure. He has known her since she was 9 weeks. I do feel comfort in knowing that I was there at the time it happened and that she had a wonderful life with lots of toys, pink bows in her hair, walks and family who loved her. Luckily, I was able to bury her in my parents yard, which will someday be mine. I certainly will post a picture of Gia, my computer is unable to upload pictures at this time but I can certainly do it from another computer. Loss is something that is familiar to me having lost a brother also, and several family members through car accidents. Thank you! Giasmommy
  10. My little girl Gia, an 11 year old Shih Tzu, with no illness, collapsed in front of me on Monday, Jan. 10th, 2011. Her eyes became fixed an dilated in an instant and blood and foam came out of her nostril. I rushed her, knowing she had passed, to the ER. I spoke to her the entire way, telling her she was in heaven and how much I love her. She was wrapped in blankets. At the ER, they pretty much confirmed what I already knew and gave me a white casket with a pink bow on top. I was hysterical, opened the box and kissed her. When my husband and I buried her, we put her favorite toys and wrapped her in her favorite Princess blanket. She had bows in her hair and a sweater on when she passed and she just looked so at peace. My question. How does a dog just collapse with no prior illness? She was very well taken care of and very pampered. I am her mommy and did not know that she was dying. I am sick to death over this. I look at her pictures and I just lose it. Today is the first day I am coherent. Giasmommy