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  1. Hi Konnie, Thank you. Actually, Nicki was one of those who did the choosing when she cried under my windows 8 years ago as a kitten - they know what house to go to. I'm not able to figure out uploading a photo yet as I'm using a client's Mac, which I'm not really familiar with - I have photos on a flash drive with me but don't know how to make it work on a Mac, whether uploading up to my Flickr account or directly uploading it to my account here. I'm here with 2 dogs for overnight petsitting, so I'm away from my home pc. I get my signs from Vistaprint (, and they are a great company, with very reasonable prices - 2 small car signs (9x12" maybe?), designed using their templates and my photo added, for under $30 including shipping and handling. Then at checkout, after, they offer more great offers, and I got 2 more signs added to the order for only $8 additional. I use them for my signs, business cards, business card magnets, etc. As far as the stepping stone, I found everything at Michael's, a large crafts store. They also carry kits to do it, but I wanted to do my own completely, using a plaster mix, plastic mold (12" round), colored marble stones and heart-shaped tiles, all bought as separate items. I haven't had the time to do it yet, but it seems easy - you have about an hour to work with it after pouring the plaster/water mix into the mold. I just wanted something somewhat "real", and also unique, not the pre-made hard plastic stepping stones at a garden shop or local Walmart. Thank you for your quick response to my post. It's been really hard to even talk to anyone about Nicki and hold it all together, so this site is really great. Audrey Hi Audrey, I am so sorry about Nicki. I have four cats myself--two boys and two girls. Several years ago, I had a beautiful black and white cat named Emmy. I had her for 15 years, but then she died of cancer. I vowed never to adopt another pet at that time, but somehow my little furbabies kept finding me. I think the magnetic signs are awesome. Where did you get them from? Also, how are you going to do the stepping stone? That sounds really interesting. Thank you for posting. Do you have a pic of Nicki? You can upload it to the Gallery if you'd like. Konnie
  2. Two weeks ago, on what also would have been my dad's 79th birthday if he was still here, I unexpectedly lost my 8 year-old tabby, Nicki, to blood clots that took away the use of her back legs then 12+ hours later took her lungs and heart. She was my youngest of 4, my other girls being 12, 13 and 14 1/2. I found out the week before that Nicki had kidney failure, but thought I had more time with her. She would sit on the piano bench while I played, purring and looking up at me so sweetly, like she was in heaven listening to me play, especially the songs with higher notes. I've played only twice since losing her, and couldn't play much without thinking about her and then couldn't play anymore. I miss her so, so much. I have a petsitting business, and recently ordered new magnetic signs for my car that now have her picture on them - can't wait to get them in t he mail this week - it will be a very special tribute to her from my heart. I've also bought everything needed from a crafts store to make my own stepping stone for her grave on my mom's property, which I'm sure will be very therapeutic as well. Maybe these ideas will appeal to others here, as it does really help to do things to give honors to the pets we've lost. I use vistaprint online to create my business materials, but anyone can create anything there including personal photos.....just a magnetic sign or bumper sticker with a special pet's photo might be nice to honor a pet after he/she is gone from this world. I'll never, ever forget my Nicki, but somehow the thought of seeing her precious face on my car feels like a very special tribute and statement of how special she was.