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  1. So a year ago, almost to the day, my boyfriend and soon to be fiance recieved a call that his ex-girlfriend of nearly 5 years had shot herself/has been shot by her soon to be husband. A little background....He and I came toegther after her and he had broken up....shortly after... It was a messy breakup because she was living on the other side of the country, was in grad school and was a little too social when it came to drinking, etc but nothing bad.... just a young girl... beautiful, successful and she was the love of his life for a very long time.... She obviously still had feelings for him... she would call and play Alicia Keys love songs (this still in the initial courting stage of our relationship) and when in town, would show up to his work or a party he and I were at.... etc.... all of the signs of an unwanted breakup on her part... so he and i get together, quickly become attached and are doing very well, living together, totally happy... then i come home from work.... he and I are making dinner and the phone rings...tragic death.... hints of hoomicide.... devastated family... the viewing, the wake, the funeral, the memorial soccer game... i start smoking again, i am being "suoer girlfriend" way suportive.... it ends up bringing us closer together... But now... he and i are looking to buy a house together and i am still finding her things around his house.... pictures...cards.....soccer backpack... shoes....and yes, at one point even her underwear.... massage oils... candles... i know that he is just a super bachelor that doesnt clean or anything but this stuff is lingering and it brings me to tears...it plays games with my head for weeks sometimes.. .and most of the time i dont even have the heart to say anything to him.... And i think about her everyday... i see people that remind me of her... i drive past the cemetary where she is buried... and last week i even ended up driving her old car un benouced to me until i was already driving... I just dont know how to handle this..... we have every intention on getting married and starting a family and he truly doesnt show any signs of missing her or anything like that but i cant stop thinkning of her.... SOS! HELP!