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  1. Meeting Jesus

    I was working the graveyard shift at a Steel Foundry, when as a maintenance electrician, when I heard a call from the crane operator over the factory's speaker system. The cranes operator was needing assistance with his 7 1/2 ton, magnetic crane. I answered the call immediately, as my co-workers were still slumbering in there chairs, in the electrical shop. I arrived at the crane and the operator explained that the crane was not up to peak performance. So, I told him to continue to operate the crane as he normally would, and I would climb upon the catwalk and observe its operation. As I was observing, I discovered the problem. As I drew near the troubled electrical box, containing the shorted-out resistor bank, I felt something grab me. I was totally caught off guard, when I realized that the trolley motor, that holds the 7 1/2 ton magnet, had snagged my overalls. Someone had forgotten to cut a piece of all-thread that was used to fix the trolleys brake, and it was about a foot to long. I realized, but to late, that I was now at the mercy of a mindless mechanism, while being out of the line-of-sight, with the cranes operator. The next few moments, I knew that unless God intervened, I would literally be torn in two. I screamed, "NO!" at the top of my lungs, but to no avail, because the noise from the blast furnace drowned out my screm. I never felt fear, like I did at this moment. When I felt all was lost, the trolley, that had held me in this mindless grip, for seemingly no reason, released me and allowed me to slither out of this death grip, and crumble to the catwalk a few feet beneath me. The next thing that I recall, was the crane operator lifting my head up, and asking me if I was okay. He said that though he did not hear me scream, he nevertheless felt that something was just not right. I Thank God for his sensitivity to Gods Spirit, for I have no other explanation for my release. As he left to find help, I lay there, unable to move. Then it happened, I was no longer on the catwalk, but was passing through the Gates of Heaven. All I could think of, was that I was looking for my Grandmother. Her Prayers, while I served in the Navy, during the Vietnam War, are what I believe led me to give my life to God, one night at the stroke of 12:00, while serving on my first ship. Anyhow, as I walked into Heaven, I seemed to know right where to go. I was astonished when I saw my Grandmother, for she looked all of 18 years old again. As soon as she caught a glimpse of me, she hugged me as she swung me around in happiness. She then told me what a handsome young man I had become, and that she was so proud of me. I then felt that our short reunion was up, and it was time for me to go for some reason. As I began to walk back, the same way I had come in, Jesus was standing by the gates of Heaven. He was a tall man with a full beard, wearing a white robe with a brown sash around His neck, that hung down to mid-waist. He then held out his hand to me to shake. As I looked up at Jesus, I looked into His eyes, and what I saw in His eyes were Eternal Wells of Compassion, a Depth that I could not even fathom. I felt so humbled, for Jesus to be even meeting me. As he held out his hand for me to shake, I could see the scare from being nailed to the cross, in the middle of His palm. As I extended my hand to shake His large hand, He then said to me, "Michael, Jesus has to be enough!" As He shook my hand a second time,I listened again, as He repeated,"Michael, Jesus has to be enough!" I was so humbled by this experience, and will never forget it. After we shook hands, and Jesus said what He did, I asked if I could come back and visit Heaven again sometime. Jesus said that I was welcome anytime I wanted to come. The next thing I recall, was someone waking me up, and then I looked up. There were people everywhere, as I was to be passed from person to person, as they together, assisted me to an awaiting ambulance, down at ground level. My life has never been the same, and at the end of my first enlistment, I attended Bible college. I feel His Presence with me now, and still remember those awesome words,"Michael, Jesus has to be enough!"