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  1. Care Giver Blues

    Wow,thanx for that awesome post it sounds just like something I would say myself being that I am in the same position you where in. Ya i'm really sorry to hear that he passed away but it sounds like you are still strong and moving on. I know when my wife passes I will always remember here and there will be constant reminders all around me of times we spent together. Ya, I know when someone passes away the so called loved ones around come out of nowhere and thats where the fighting over possesions takes place death is awful but it makes it worse when that type of thing happens. So I take you are still living in the States I 'm here in Canada Ontario. My wife just recently went off chemo because she has been on it for 6 months and it's wearing her down. The doctors only had her on a small dose of chemo to try and keep the cancer down and they said we want you to have some type of quality of life. We kind of joke about that because chemo makes you feel like crap..lol..the cancer is in her bones so they say there is no cure just waiting and praying. Ya it's kind of funny how you can spend 24/7 with someone everyday thats when you know you are with the person who is meant for you but, that in it self makes it even sadder because you know you don't have the rest of your life together. I get breaks 2 times a week where a nurse comes in for 4 hours and watches her while I go out most of the time I don't want to leave. I just end up going for coffee or walking downtown and window shop..lol..I don't really have any friends I can rely on or turn to so my days away are really boring..well thank you so much for reading my post and sharing your story with me..it's always nice to hear someones elses story and feel free to write back..take care and good luck..Jim
  2. Care Giver Blues

    Hey thanx for the post and the encouraging words. Yes I will check out the other posts and see what everyone else is going through.thanx again.Jim
  3. Care Giver Blues

    Hello I am A 31 year old Male living in Hamilton Ontario. I am a full time care giver to my wife who is 54 and is suffering from terminal breast cancer. The cancer has moved into her bones and lungs and liver and the docs are giving her 2 years. We have been together for 5 years and 4 years and 6 months of those 5 have been cancer related. I have beent here every step of the way and we thought she was going to beat it until it came back this time after being cancer free for almost 3 years. She has limited mobility and walks around the house with a walker because the cancer ate ate her vertabra and broke 2 of them. When we leave the house she has to be pushed around by me in a wheelchair. The main reason I have came onto this site is to meet new friends because I don't really have much of a reliable social network and also to share stories with others in my position. Being a caregiver fulltime to the one you love can and is overwhelming at times and it's always nice to have someone to talk to. Well I hope you leave some comments and thanx for listening. Jim