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  1. Hello my friends, Yesterday, I sent a card to the driver of the car that killed my Brian. I was insane with anger after Brian died and could not see the pain that the driver ( one of Brian's best friends) was experiencing. The card read as follows: I am sorry for how I acted after Brian's death. I hope you can forgive me. Our relationship could have been much different. I forgive you for your role in Brian's death. I wish you only the best. I feel better and I hope this is well received. I miss Brian so much it hurts. Colleen, Brian's Mom forever
  2. My dear friends, I just hurt today. The sadness is so deep it is coiled around my heart. Tears fall for what should be. I still cannot believe my life is like this. It is days like these that bring me to my knees. Heavy, like a wet blanket. Thanks for thinking of my Brian. Colleen, Brian's Mom forever. thanks for calling Lou ann
  3. Happy Birthday to my son, Brian. He would have been 26 today.....forever 16. I need a hug. Colleen, Brians Mom forever
  4. Hello my friends, Tommy's Mom...That is what I call it....Exposure therapy. The first time I go into a tough will be really hard. I would determine if I want to continue getting used-to this situation or ignore it all-together. If I want to get used-to it, I continue to expose myself and each time it gets a bit easier. There are set-backs, but there is also progress. This exposure therapy is how we get back into life again. Dee, our yard is a rain-forest. We get rain almost daily. I enjoy it. Beautiful flora. Kate - prayers said here for your friend. The time between Brian's angel day (6-19) and his birthday (7-12) are very difficult. I dwell on "what would he look like, be doing? ". I know that I can sit on that stool and brood for a while, but I cannot stay there. I need to get up, get out, and,live again. Brian would be very disappointed in me if I gave up on life. I want my boy proud of me. love Colleen, Brian's Mom forever
  5. My friends, My Brian (16) died 6-19-2008. He climbed on the hood of a car. The driver reached speeds of 68 mph with 2 boys on his hood. Driver lost control, Brian died. Two other boys walked away. I was dead inside for a long time until I made the decision to be happy again. That decision takes years, but you can smile again. My family survived. You can too. Be kind to yourself and realize this is a LONG process. Life is not the could it...but we have found happiness again. Colleen, Brian's Mom Forever
  6. Dee, Thanks for asking. My family has learned to find happiness again. This happiness is a bit different than when my Brian was alive. It is important to me that my family live again. We find happiness in nature and positive friends. We are living because Brian lived. Colleen, Brian's Mom Forever
  7. My dear friends. Today marks 9 years since Brian became an angel. Nine years since we heard his laugh or saw his smile. Lou Ann is six years today for her dear Kira. Colleen, Brians Mom forever
  8. Lou Ann, Kira and all of us are so proud of you. The skill of moving-aside the grief and living-in-the-moment is a tough one. You did it. Thanks for sharing the pictures of your surviving son. All my friends, This time of year is difficult for me. Brian's angel date and birthday are approaching. Think happy thoughts.... Colleen, Brian's Mom forever
  9. Lou Ann, we will be there in spirit. Also, you have all our heavenly angels there with you. Colleen, Brian's Mom 4 ever
  10. Hi friends, I live in Wisconsin, which is not far from Canada, in the grand scheme of things. Darcy12, after Brians death, at the hands of one of his best friends, I was out of my mind mad. I wanted the driver to pay for what he did. I wanted him to feel the depth of my pain. What I realize, 9 years later, is that the driver was and continues to feel the pain of his actions. It is completely normal to want others, who we perceive caused our pain, to feel the sting of death that we feel. i was angry for a long time...4 years...took me a lot of praying for the Lord to take this feeling from me. Eventually, He did. Now, I hand judgement over to the Lord. I no longer wish harm on the driver. For the driver, life must be hard as a convicted felon at 17 years old. No one wins...we all lost. Colleen, Brian's Mom Forever
  11. Hello indigo friends, I would like to share my experience with work. After Brian died on 6-19-2008, I took approx 5 weeks off work, 3 paid. In that time, I ran to my doctor and requested part-time (4 days a week) for a little over 1 year. Then back full-time. I was lucky. My boss was very kind to me. I would regularly leave at 1 pm, because I was exhausted or crying uncontrollably. I am now back to work full-time plus. For me, work saved me. Work forced me to think of something else other than Brians death. For others, that is not the case. love you all Colleen, Brians Mom forever
  12. Wow, the quilt is beautiful. Just wanted to share Brians quilt. We designed the stitch. It is a picture if Brian snow boarding. i have 2. One for each surviving child. Colleen, Brians Mom forever
  13. Hello friends, I would like to send a big hug and "Thanks for their service" to all the families of fallen military and service personnel. We appreciate you. Colleen, Brians Mom forever
  14. Dee Prayers said here Colleen, Brian's Mom forever
  15. Lou ann Your Kira and my Brian do share the June 19 angel date. My Brian's birthday is July 12. Not until after Brians birthday can we really try to enjoy the summer. I will be working this year on July 12, 2017. Actually have an audit scheduled for that day. I try to keep busy. The funeral for Lorri's Kimberly is this Tuesday and Wednesday. Kimberly will be buried next to Kourtney, her sister. My heart breaks for Lorri. Colleen, Brian's Mom forever