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  1. Hello my friends, Dee, you are our rock here. Thinking of you and your newer role as Grandma...lucky ladie. Forever saying Erica's name. Susan, beautiful new life is a true celebration. Enjoy every minute. Wade, so good to see your post. I visit often, but posting has been difficult. At three years, reality is slapping you in the face...over and over. This's too, will soften with time. We will forever say Brook's name. Cheryl, you are so new to this journey, that none of us want to be on. I love this place. No judgement, only love and acceptance from those who know. Here we say there names, Tony! Hello Gretchen, Georgina, Kate, Sandy, Laurie and all those on here for comfort. Tommy's Mom, I would like to "ring-in" on acceptance. Personally, I will never accept the fact that my son died car-surfing, it just does not compute. What I will accept is my life because of Brian's death. Brian's death was senseless. A piece of my heart died that day too. My family has found our new life and we have found happiness again. But, I will forever ache for my boy. Thanks for being you Colleen, Brian's Mom forever
  2. Congrats Susan...beautiful new life. I do miss you all and I think of this place almost daily. Yes, Bob, our plans change...don't they. So did the plans of every parent, sister, brother..etc that has witnessed the death of their child. Each one of us has taken a different road to get to the same place. I cannot say my family is fully-functioning, but we have found our new life without Brians physical presence. However, our Brian is part of our new life. Most of the times are good memories of him. But around the holidays, Birthday and Angel day, the pain still comes. My very soul hurts. I attribute my journey to the other parents here who walked before me. They showed me that I could live again. love to you all. Colleen, Brians Mom forever
  3. Hoosier guy said......I'm trying to grasp the concept right now of spending less time worrying about the future and more time appreciating the blessings of today . That was key for me. It has been 8.5 years since my Brian died in a completely preventable car crash. I did not see a future for a long time. Until I found other parents that have also lost a child. My Brian was only 16. I decided to go out and find happiness. I must say, we are a functioning family again. Colleen, Brians Mom forever
  4. My dear Indigo family, After my Brian died June of 2008, my neighbor told me about a Stephen Minister group sponsored by her church. I met with a wonderful woman, who I now call "my angel". She provided Christian-based care giving...not cure..only God can do that. I saw her for 2 years...weekly. August 27, I was commissioned as a Stephen Minister. 50 hours of training and a 2 year commitment. i want to help another mother, like I was helped. Pass it forward. I would not be here if it was not for the help of this site. Colleen, Brian's Mother Forever
  5. My dear friends, No matter how long Brian has been gone (8 years), his birthday is still the toughest day of the year for me. Today, my Brian would have been 25. For us, Brian is forever 16. Usually, I am able to go about my business with just a few sad interruptions. However, today, I cannot stop the tears from flowing. It is just unbelievable for me that my son is dead. I am still in utter dis-belief on where my life is now. Thanks to all my friends on this site who have given me hope. Happy Birthday Brian, To put my grief into words, would bankrupt the vocabulary of all the languages. Colleen, Brian's Mom forever
  6. Rick's and Justin's Moms. My heart breaks for another parent joining our group. But you have come to the right place. No judgement here!! On June 19, it will be 8 years since I saw my Brians face or he made me laugh. We are here, on this road before you, to show you that we can survive this. Right now, you are so new. Please just try to continue on. It will get better. You will not always feel like this. Colleen, Brians Mom forever
  7. Hello my friends, it has been a while since I have posted, but I think of you daily. Donnah,. I love the Fara Gibson article. That article identifies where we all want to be. But the road to getting there is difficult. Thanks for posting. Shannon,. I am also anxious as Brians Angel date (6-19-2008) and Birthday (7-12-1991) approach. I have come to the realization that this time of year will always be difficult. Hurray for you making it to the store without turning around. Andy's Mom, I am so sorry about your loss. You have come to the right place. I can understand why you feel so terrible. For me, the second year after Brians death was worse than the first. Reality was slapping me in the face. Hold on, we are here and understand your pain. It is ok to feel the way you do. Consider yourself hugged. It is finally warm in Wisconsin. That is good heading into Memorial Day weekend....4 days off for me. love to you all Colleen, Brians Mom forever
  8. Hello friends, I saw this quote yesterday: Dont complain about getting old...some never get the privilege. Missing my boy. Colleen, Brian's Mom forever
  9. Hello everyone, Donnah, the car pictures are awesome. So creative. We each find ways to honor our kids. Love it! Wayne, the headstone is beautiful. We did not bury Brian. He is cremated. We take ashes with us when we travel. Brian told us he did not want to be buried and wanted to be cremated. You will find some relief when you see "treasures" left behind by your Logan's friends. Becky, love the photos you create. Hope you are doing better. I think about you and JD often. We are doing OK. These change of seasons really throw me into a "what would Brian be like now" mode. It is a bummer. We are going on 8 years. I can hardly believe we survived one day let alone 8 years. I just want my old life back... colleen, Brian's Mom forever
  10. Donna, I too am sorry your son is now an angel, but glad you found us. My son, Brian died 7.5 years ago. His risky behavior contributed to his death, but he was not driving. We dealt with the court system for almost a year. We too had to be an advocate for Brian. It was very hard, but looking back, was worth it. Please tell us about your journey. Many here can offer what helped them. We are all friends here. Be kind to yourself. We are here for you. Colleen, Brian's mom forever.
  11. Wayne, I would love to see pictures of your son's truck..through time. You are so new to this journey. Finding something to occupy your mind will be very helpful. This is a process, one step at a time. If you feel like giving-up, just step back. Then, when your head is a bit clearer, start up again. Your son is with you, just as mine is. Colleen, Brian's Mom forever
  12. Wayne, What a great tribute. I think about you and your Logan. Same age as my Brian when he became an angel. We, who walked before you on this journey, would like nothing more than to straighten your path. However, what we can do is tell you what worked for us and what did not. From there, you can choose. After Brian died, All I wanted to do is tell everyone how funny Brian was. Some family and friends found it uncomfortable when I talked about my angel. I came here and told all that would listen how much I love and miss my son. Here, we get it. Do what feels right for you and your family. Colleen, Brian's mom forever
  13. Hello my friends, Eight years ago today, my mom became an angel. 4 months later, my son, Brian followed. These days will always be difficult. I too live in the " before and after" life. Whenever I hear the year of something, it is measured against June 19, 2008. We will go on, tomorrow will come, we will smile and try to make good memories until we see our kids again. Love to you all Colleen, Brian's mom forever
  14. I miss my boy. Colleen, Brian's mom forever
  15. My friends, We have another angel, Cory Eigner, 14 died of cancer today. I know his family, they live in our neighborhood. My son, Aaron is good friends with Cory's brother, Raj. My heart aches for what the family is..and will be...going through. Colleen, Brian's mom forever