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  1. Dee Prayers said here Colleen, Brian's Mom forever
  2. Lou ann Your Kira and my Brian do share the June 19 angel date. My Brian's birthday is July 12. Not until after Brians birthday can we really try to enjoy the summer. I will be working this year on July 12, 2017. Actually have an audit scheduled for that day. I try to keep busy. The funeral for Lorri's Kimberly is this Tuesday and Wednesday. Kimberly will be buried next to Kourtney, her sister. My heart breaks for Lorri. Colleen, Brian's Mom forever
  3. Hi friends, just need to talk. my daughter, Michelle and I went to my nieces baby shower yesterday. My niece, Marissa, is the same age as my Brian would have been. I do so enjoy seeing them and sharing in their joy, this little thing inside me cries for what I have lost. it has been almost 9 years for us. Time is not the same now. Sometimes it feels like yesterday. Other days, the loss seems like an eternity. just having a hard time with this " moving-on" stuff. Thanks for listening. Colleen, Brian's Mom forever
  4. Susannah, thank you for telling our "family" about another angel child. One mother/father having both daughters die. I am beyond numb. I am calling all angels to pray for Lorri and her family. Colleen, Brians Mother forever
  5. Hello friends, Raining again here in are we going to have some flowers!! Darcy12 - This grief journey is a long and hard one. We will never "Get over it." Please discard the thought that "you should be farther along or feel better." You are fine right where you are. Be kind to yourself. Tommy's Mom - your words to others on this site are encouraging and elequent. I enjoy reading your responses. I would like to tell you about my experience with Brians death. I had just received the phone call all parents dread. "Brian was in an is really need to get down here." As I stood up to walk out of the room, I felt "something" go through my body. This "feeling" stopped me in my tracks. I could not believe all the feelings I felt in that split second of time. There was no fear. I did not feel alone and I wanted to be there. I had no idea what this feeling was until about 1.5 years later. Another Mom posted on this site: " I felt her go through me when she died." After reading that, I knew that is what I felt. Brian went through my soul when he died. Brian was happy, not afraid, and not alone. I think of this feeling many times and it brings me joy in the face of such loss. Thanks for reading. Colleen, Brians Mom forever
  6. Hello Somewhere I heard that May 1 is Bereaved Parents day. In honor of this, we light a candle for all those that left too soon and for us left behind. Sounds good to me Hello all. Is anyone else's mood affected by lack of sunlight? Wow, we have had more rain this Spring than I remember in years past. Hope the sun is shining by you. Colleen, Brian's Mom forever
  7. My friends, it took me 5 years before I could wear my Mothers ring. this wound will not fully heal, but we do find happiness again. so again, be kind to yourself. Colleen, Brians Mom forever
  8. Hello my friends, Jeff's Mom I could not have described this site better myself. I appreciated your words. Lou Ann. All are welcome here. We all travel different roads to get to the same place. Our child has died. We are just trying to breath. Thanks for posting that amyanne03 I can relate to your thinking of all our "bad parenting moments" and cringe. But we are good parents that had bad things happen to us. Wade, Tommy's Mom, Devianz, Dee, and so many others. I appreciate each of you for helping me to live again. Life is different now. We are going on 9 years living without our Brian. I did not think we would last one day. We are different people now and we have to get to know ourselves again. That is a tough process. So be kind to yourself. The progress here is over years, not weeks or months. Love to each of you Colleen, Brians Mom forever
  9. Hello my dear friends, As I read the posts, my heart goes out to the new parents here. My son, Brian died in June of 2008 at 16 years old. He decided to climb on the hood of a car, with a friend. The driver reached speeds of 68 mph, lost control. Brian flew off the hood and hit the ground. Brian died within minutes. The other 2 boys walked away. The crash scene is 1/4 mile from our house. The driver is a convicted felon for homicide by negligent use of a motor vehicle at age 17. He spent 4 months in jail. I know we are living every parents worst nightmare. I came to this site to find hope and I found it. The best advise I can give is take one day, one hour, one minute, and yes, sometimes 1 breath at a time. The future seemed dark to me, so I did not go there for a while. I had to find happiness again. You too will live again, but until you figure out your place in this new life, be kind to yourself. Colleen, Brians Mom forever
  10. Hello my friends, Dee, you are our rock here. Thinking of you and your newer role as Grandma...lucky ladie. Forever saying Erica's name. Susan, beautiful new life is a true celebration. Enjoy every minute. Wade, so good to see your post. I visit often, but posting has been difficult. At three years, reality is slapping you in the face...over and over. This's too, will soften with time. We will forever say Brook's name. Cheryl, you are so new to this journey, that none of us want to be on. I love this place. No judgement, only love and acceptance from those who know. Here we say there names, Tony! Hello Gretchen, Georgina, Kate, Sandy, Laurie and all those on here for comfort. Tommy's Mom, I would like to "ring-in" on acceptance. Personally, I will never accept the fact that my son died car-surfing, it just does not compute. What I will accept is my life because of Brian's death. Brian's death was senseless. A piece of my heart died that day too. My family has found our new life and we have found happiness again. But, I will forever ache for my boy. Thanks for being you Colleen, Brian's Mom forever
  11. Congrats Susan...beautiful new life. I do miss you all and I think of this place almost daily. Yes, Bob, our plans change...don't they. So did the plans of every parent, sister, brother..etc that has witnessed the death of their child. Each one of us has taken a different road to get to the same place. I cannot say my family is fully-functioning, but we have found our new life without Brians physical presence. However, our Brian is part of our new life. Most of the times are good memories of him. But around the holidays, Birthday and Angel day, the pain still comes. My very soul hurts. I attribute my journey to the other parents here who walked before me. They showed me that I could live again. love to you all. Colleen, Brians Mom forever
  12. Hoosier guy said......I'm trying to grasp the concept right now of spending less time worrying about the future and more time appreciating the blessings of today . That was key for me. It has been 8.5 years since my Brian died in a completely preventable car crash. I did not see a future for a long time. Until I found other parents that have also lost a child. My Brian was only 16. I decided to go out and find happiness. I must say, we are a functioning family again. Colleen, Brians Mom forever
  13. My dear Indigo family, After my Brian died June of 2008, my neighbor told me about a Stephen Minister group sponsored by her church. I met with a wonderful woman, who I now call "my angel". She provided Christian-based care giving...not cure..only God can do that. I saw her for 2 years...weekly. August 27, I was commissioned as a Stephen Minister. 50 hours of training and a 2 year commitment. i want to help another mother, like I was helped. Pass it forward. I would not be here if it was not for the help of this site. Colleen, Brian's Mother Forever
  14. My dear friends, No matter how long Brian has been gone (8 years), his birthday is still the toughest day of the year for me. Today, my Brian would have been 25. For us, Brian is forever 16. Usually, I am able to go about my business with just a few sad interruptions. However, today, I cannot stop the tears from flowing. It is just unbelievable for me that my son is dead. I am still in utter dis-belief on where my life is now. Thanks to all my friends on this site who have given me hope. Happy Birthday Brian, To put my grief into words, would bankrupt the vocabulary of all the languages. Colleen, Brian's Mom forever
  15. Rick's and Justin's Moms. My heart breaks for another parent joining our group. But you have come to the right place. No judgement here!! On June 19, it will be 8 years since I saw my Brians face or he made me laugh. We are here, on this road before you, to show you that we can survive this. Right now, you are so new. Please just try to continue on. It will get better. You will not always feel like this. Colleen, Brians Mom forever