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  1. Visions before dying

    Hello, Just joined and not sure if this is the right place to post, but thought I'd give it a try... My mom passed away less than three weeks ago, on Christmas day. I miss her every moment of every day. The reason I'm posting here is that I was wondering if anyone has/had any experience with their loved one having visions before dying? My mom was sick with emphysema for quite some time and went on hospice in October. As she became more ill - into December, she started seeing things. Because her medications had been slowly increasing, we chalked it up to her meds. Most of her visions were of children. She knew they weren't "real", that we couldn't see them, but she was adament that they were there - if that makes any sense. She usually described the children as cute little street urchins, dirty little kids or just little children. I got the feeling she meant they were "Spanky and Our Gang" types of kids. Anyway, as her time neared, she would wake and although she had difficulty breathing and talking, she would wave to "nothing" and smile. I or my sister would ask her if she was seeing someone and she would smile and nod, usually squeaking out "the little one over there" or something like that. As I mentioned earlier, she died on Christmas day, surrounded by her three children and her God-daughter - surely the saddest day in my life. Five days after her death, a friend of hers called my sister to offer condolences and told her that she had a dream about my mother. That Mom was surrounded by children, was playing with them and was laughing and having a wonderful time. This woman would have had NO idea about my mothers visions of children. I am SO sorry this has been so long winded... I guess my point or question is this - does anyone know anything about visions of children specifically prior to death? I'm very curious to know if others have had this experience. Thanks to anyone who's managed to read this far!