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  1. I made it

    Well the hoildays are behind me , it was hard very hard but I was strong for my family every time I started feeling bad I would just look at my sons picture and it seemed he was smiling at me saying" POPs its ok I am proud of you for being strong for the family" It helped me get threw the hoildays, The next the bad hoilday will be Fathers day cause thats the day he passed but I know he will be by my side to help me threw it Byron------oldgreydog ----
  2. Loss of an Adult Child

    A warm hug and strength to all, On Fathers day this year I lost my only son , we were going to spend Fathers day going out for breakfast and watching movies together with his little sister but insted on that day my life changed forevermore. there would be no more hearing Love ya Pops no more I will make ya breakfast Pops, no more hearing his laff or our long talks only lonley aparment were me and` my son lived , One night on the cold hard streets of Chicago changed my life forever The frist Chritmas with out him is going to behard I have to be strong for the rest of my family I will have to hold in the tears till I am alone thats just the way I am, I was feeling alone untill I found this site, Now I know I am not alone in my hurt there are folks out there who are suffering with the hurt the same as me if not more, I want to say Thank you all as I read all the post I can, you have given me strength to hold up threw these hoildays and for all the hoildays to come Thank you All Byron
  3. Coping with the Holidays

    Chicago gina I am the new guy here and I would like to say as being the new guy here I noticed one thing none of us are alone we are all here for each other we each have suffered a great lost be it mother father daughter or son we have all lost something we loved very much but we all have the strength to make it threw the hoildays, we can do it , sure its going to hurt but we all can make it threw if we just know that there are folks out there who care cause they are feeling the same way you are, Chicagogina you are not alone weare here just reach out we are here Byron
  4. New Member

    Hello I am new here and seeking advice on the hoildays, My 24 year old son was shot and killed at 330 am on Sunday June 17 Fathers day, It has been really hard to carry on, but now that Christmas is almost here the hurt is getting worse I dont know how to cope wih it I want to talk to people about my hurt but I cant . I have 2 daughters and my ex wife Can some one please tell me how to cope with the hoildays Byron