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  1. so after I die I think the best thing you could do for yourself would be to find a painless way to kill yourself too." She told me that life just gets worse as you get older, and that my problems were just going to get more severe, esp. once She was no longer there to help me. Then she said that my father had discussed this with her right before he died, & that they both felt it would be best if I killed myself after they were both gone. Shushu i am so sorry this that you wrote above is absolutely devastating - i lost my mom last year because she had a bad heart and lungs due to smoke but she had quite several years before but it was just to late - still this is so sad - i am so sorry -- HUGS
  2. i lost my mom too i was just looking at my old cell phone and looking at my old miss calls and i saw where i missed so many of her calls from a few weeks before she died - i am crying as i write this as it hurts so much because i will never see her again till i die which is a long time from now -- i feel like i just let her die i just accepted what she wanted - i should have called the ambulance as i wanted to but didnt because she didnt want for me too - she so laid in bed and died a lot because of me i feel like bc i was unloving and caring at times but it wasnt her that i felt that way about it was my life that i felt that way about - i loved her but she couldnt see it and so she died and left me for good
  3. So alone

    i understand and feel your pain also - i am in the same boat - no one in my family will talk about my mom at all her death or her at all - its like they dont want to think about it so they dont talk about it all - i miss her so much today - some days are just so hard i dont know why - nad now i have to cry too
  4. Im about to give.

    i am in the same boat no one in my family will talk about my mom of her death either - i feel so alone
  5. wow i am so very sorry - i lost my mother last year sort of suddenly also from chf and emphysema it happened evry fast like in just a few days - she was ill and not feeling well one day and then bam just a few days later died at home - she wanted to die at home as we knew that she was sick for awhile how ever i did not expect for her to die i though she would just go on for a long time yet - as she had been ill before and had been ok and had always come home from the hospital - she was my whole life i am so lost with out her by my side ---
  6. Loss of a Mother

    i hear ya - but you would be amazed at how cheap it is to take care of a cat - i am on very limited money each month myself yet i manage it - the food is cheap and the litter isnt to much either - thats all you have to worry about most cats dont sick often at all mine just over a head cold or allergies or something but she got well on her own most will and do - if you really want a pet go look into it at a shelter etc you may be surprised at what you find and at how cheap you find it -- good luck and hugs
  7. i guess so thanks for your reply
  8. Prayer Requests

    please pray for me and my BF and my family we all need so many things right now and but cant get them $$$ and to top it all off some used to be family members are starting terrible, vicious lies and gossip about us that has resulted in several other family not talking to us any more either -- and i cant straighten it out it seems like - it just keeps going - the rumors and gossip i mean
  9. last year and i am so hurt but still look foreword to being with her again one day some day --
  10. they have all started to gossip behind my back and say dirty, fowl and nasty things about me - God please help me - i dont know what to do anymore -- they are pure evil no other way to describe them
  11. Stranger in my life

    Gina you have my sympathy - i also have EVIL, PURE EVIL relatives man no kidding but God will pull us thru this
  12. well things are the same as always i guess with the family i was talking about - they are so full of evil !! pure evil !! now the one is spreading dirty vicious lies about me to the others and the others hate me to much to even tell me about what she has been saying about me !!!!!!
  13. Im about to give.

    you know what helped me to accept things and love God again ? seeing how bitter and empty and what a dirty low down people my cousins are -- they lost some one also and it has ruined them well they were ruined before but they are so much worse now - they are angry and bitter at every one and at every little small thing - nothing you say to them goes unpunished be it a nice compliment anything at all - after seeing and being around this i never want to be like them ever not in a million years
  14. Loss of a Mother

    ah Butterfly -- HUGS i am so sorry i would be devastated as well -- have you thought about going and getting a new one from the shelter ? i am sure you would give it a loving home so many need a home and a chance