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  1. Loss of a Father

    1 year today
  2. Joshua's Death

    hi. i cannot think of how you feel. i saw my father die i am 14 years old. he was lying in hospital brain-dead, and all the machines started beeping. they were loud and very frightning. his body wasnt creating a pulse, he wasnt reacting to the drugs they were giving him. he was pronounced dead there and then. if you want to talk then i am here! how old are you? lv hari x x x
  3. time.

    it has been so long. nearly a year. it only feels like it has been 3 months. i miss him
  4. i feel for everyone who has lost a loved one or a friend to suicide. my dad has passed away so i know how it feels to loose someone. love hari x x x
  5. Loss of a Father

    hi, hope ur christmas was ok. it was harder than i thought it would be. me and my mum still had a good cry. we set the table for four of us even though there is only 3. it really upset me, but it made mum happy so i just went along with it. we poured a glass of wine for him aswell. i sit opposite from the empty space. it was hard for me. my mum sits next to the space and i think it just comforted her, that we were not leaving dad out of the christmas ccelebration. i didn't celebrate the new year, becaquse it didn't really feel like a celebration it was just the start of a new year without dad. hope yours was better. Hari x x x
  6. Loss of a Father

    hi, i feel the same but i feel like i have a black neverending hole in my stomach and i am empty inside. my dad was a lorry driver and he would be coming home tellin me a story of his travels.
  7. Loss of a Father

    hi, i am new to this, ummm i dont know were to begin. well i am 14 years old my dad died about 7 months ago. he had a haemorage on one side of his brain and a clot on the other. the first hospital thought he had some exotic illness so they put it on the furthest ward away from everyone and didn't even try and give him any food. he had no water given to him so i will always hate that first hospital because i keep thinkin to myself if that stupid hospital had done something and given him some medication he would still be here. he then moved to a loads better hospital were he was given attention and loads of help. he was still not his usual self. he had been really bad for about 2 months, he still went to work in his lorry. they did millions of tests and they said nothing was wrong but his glands in his neck were the size of a tennis ball and they said oh, its just swollen. so we took him ourselves to a specialist hospital and they said 'oh, sorry he has cancer' i felt like shocked and when my mum told me i said 'fine' i dont know how to react when someone says your father has cancer. so we visited him everday for 1 month and whe they started to give him his chemotherapy they said are you ok? do you feel poorly? and he said i feel sick i have a headache. he then went braindead, he was awake but he was not reacting to me or my mum. that really hurt when you find out that even if your dad survives he will never be the same again, there was nothing they could do for him apart from hope that he would still be awake, and breathing but no matter how hard he tried he couldnt live without the machine breathing for him. they gave up hope on my father on April 19th 2007. my friends new before me. because my mum phoned the school to tell them that i wasnt going to be in. so my friends started to text and phone me saying really sorry about your dad, but i had kinda workes it out before that though. mum had to rush to hospital and dint get back until 3:00 in the morning. it really hurts deep down, my family say 'it must be hard' but they have no idea. sorry its a bit long!! lv savemysoul