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  1. ADC's, Visions & Dreams

    Dearest Lauraa Of course he lives on, within your hearts and home! i know our loved ones come to visit us from Time 2Time! its our way of copeing with the death and loss, but i wont use the word GOOD-BYE when i talk to them, i will say So-Long... Cause it could mean so long until we meet again, or so long until we see each other... My grandparents & brother/sister come to visit me! the most who comes is my beloved granpa! i do miss him so, but hes still alive in my heart... so keep you head up! Yur husband is always with you, and your daughter! As my Grandpa is with me and my Tasha Naaniitus Lee shes 4months God Bless u and Urs* JLS (Mundaquance)
  2. ADC's, Visions & Dreams

    :::Lauraa::: im glad you kept them, thats a good sign saying hes with you where-ever you might go! watching over you and your daughter... god bless you with your hard times Happy Valentines Day Too! Mundaquance (Pretty Grrl)
  3. I Believe in God...

    ... Ok, here goes! I just wanted to hope everyone gets through there hard and tough times, i know it is really hard loseing someone you deeply love.. no matter if its a husband, brother sister grandparents.. mom or dad... ect! i am sorry for you loss and there is nothing or no1 in the world who can replace them. If y0u are interested in learning about how i deal with it everyday is from my Native American Heritage! I am an 18year old Mother (Tasha is 4months) I Will be 19 In March, and i've been dealing with Deaths and ppl leaving my life! ever since i was little, and the one that struck me the most was "Miishoo" (Grandpa) And it has been hard, but in My heritage i was taught to "be strong, strong for others, and not to be afraid of what comes and goes" I am and Jingle Dress Dancer, and my Regaila is to heal ppl, whom are sick... and i take that seriously! i believe in my Regaila... and i must indeed say it has helped a soul. I'm currently retireing from Jingle Dancing.. and turning over to Traditional.. Traditional means (thanking Mother Earth) as i will light step on the ground i am thankful for whatever she may have blessed me with "Land... Trees, Water Soil..Rocks" everything... And your prolly thinking (this girl is insane) LoL but thats what i was taught to believe in my heritage... Its not only ppl whom need love in this world... all God and Mother Earth's Creations need love too... they are apart of us! As with me, and i know this might seem strange, but i was taught everything is my brother and sister... Like the Outter and Turtle... they're my Clan "Brothers" and moon stars and sun are my sisters! everything God has created and Helped with Mother earth... just like God is my Father... Mother Earth is My Mother... i believe that we were born for earth for a purpose from our father, and when we die and pass on, it aint a bad thing... because we are returning back to our mother... we go into the ground, and where we are barried... wonderful things appear by our graves... Grass, Flowers... thats coming from our loved ones! so we are never gone far... Some of our poor souls, can remain a spirit and roam... and some of us who want to be reborn, return home to our Father... I believe in reincarnation, so much its not even funny. Because i had a cat that i connected to so badly... it was like i was taking care of someone.. he wasnt only a pet... he was a friend and a memeber of this family... and for someone to have so much love for an animal... is strange!! because it makes you think "im connecting to an animal, does that mean something" and yes it does... someone once told me Our loves are reborn into anything they want... Animals Babys Friends Or can even be in your Boyfriend/Girlfriend... (you wont have the same love like you did when they were alive) but it will be a different love, it will help you remember and want to express everything to your BF/GF telling them (this is what happened to me when i was little when my grandpa was alive) or whomever! U just understand that connection.... My "Nokomiis" (Grandma) died too, and i can sense her in the house, and if your native.. Smudging can get rid of a spirit... but if you do it wrong, they are locked in the house! ... my mother did it wrong "without telling us she wanted her to be free" me and my dad had no knowledge of it.. so we didnt know... and now shes here! everyday looking out for my father if you have anymore questions on my Native Beliefs or Comments pls leave one... thanks
  4. I Am Just Grieving...

    Every1 I'd Like 2Share This Song, I Recently Sponsered a Child In Need, And It Gave Me A Better Outlook On Life... And Made Me Realize There Are Much More Ppl In This World Who Go Without Less... And Pandis Made Me Realize That, Hes From Cambodia... And Hes Only 6years old! W/ 2sisters and Mom And Dad who work for 20cetns an Hour... So I Wanted 2Place This In Here... From The Bottom Of My Heart!... 2him and Others! Shaina Twain (God Bless The Child) Hallelujah, hallelujah, God bless the child who suffers Hallelujah, hallelujah, God bless the young without mothers This child is homeless, That child's on crack One plays with a gun, while the other takes a bullet in his back This boy's a beggar, That girl sells her soul They both work the same street, The same hell hole Hallelujah, hallelujah, God bless the child who suffers Hallelujah, hallelujah, Let every man help his brother Some are born addicted and some are just thrown away Some have daddies who make them play games they don't want to play But with hope and faith We must understand All God's children need is love And us to hold their little hands This boy is hungry, he ain't got enought to eat That girl's cold and she ain't got no shoes on her feet When a child's spirit's broken And feels all hope is gone God help them find the strength to carry on But with hope and faith Yea, we can understand All God's children need is love And us to hold their little hands Hallelujah, hallelujah Let us all love one another Hallelujah, hallelujah Make all our hearts bilnd to color Hallelujah, hallelujah God bless the child who suffers God Bless Everyone! Thanks 4Reading Mundaquance (Pretty Girl)
  5. ADC's, Visions & Dreams

    Theres some more dreams i'd like to share! (1) is about my cousin Tasha (my daughter is named after her) well be4 i knew i was having a baby girl, i had a dream about my Cousin and she was pushing the buggy with her son...and looked @ me and said "shes so beautiful... shes gonna be smart, and very loved" and sure enough i had convinced myself "well shes a girl" (Tasha was my life, she was like an older sister! and meant everything to me!) so i went and asked her Parents if i could have there blessings to name my daughter after her... and they were honored... and if you would like to see photos of her pls go here: www.picturetrail.com/x_moonspirit_x please sign the guess book so i know who visited .... i dont get these dreams though, there more like visions... i have a sense that my brother and sister are near by, i can hear loud steps, and little wee ones... cause my sister was only 5months when she passed on.. she died of SIDS, and Micheal had died in a car accident... and we can smell my Grandmother in the house (Emerson's Wife) those are my Dad's parents (he has no more!... he never had bros and sis's either) but we can sense them by, and i always have dreams about Tasha but im hopeing i dream about my Gram, Papa and bro and sis! i only have 1 dream of my papa and that was when he was dying... (scroll down and read the story) Miigwetch (Thank You) JLS (Mundaquance)
  6. ADC's, Visions & Dreams

    Boozhoo Ahneeshnah (Hello, How Are You.. In Native American Lang) Well, I wanted 2share and experiance or too i went through, if you dont mind. Well the (1st) one was the death of my Grandpa he died a long long time ago i was only 5years old, i am now 19 years but the memories are good and they stuck with me... Well recently i can sense the smell of him around me, and my 4month old daughter. And be4 she was born, i was cleaning the house (wasnt pregnant @ the time) and i was cleaning the house like any other day. going on about my buisness... and i had this feeling like someone was near and close, and i just happened to look up into the curtain where the new addition was being added onto the house. and there was a vision of my Grandpa floating about 3feet off the ground in a wheel chair, and i talked to him and everything... and it slowly went away! (2nd) when me and my fiance we're fixing the house he had left to me, from the will... well we were fixing it, and i can smell him once again! and my dad was working on it all night just trynna get me into the house while me and my fiance went out... and he was working, and he heard sounds of doors opening and such... so he yelled (IM IN THE BACK ROOM) and no1 answered him so he yelled it again, and he got nervous so he went to go look around and no1 was there so he locked the doors... And once again he heard a sound, and he just simply said (Yeah, Dad Jennifer is moving out, shes having a baby your great-grandchild, her and her fiance are moving in about 2weeks from now. shes growing up... no need to watch over her no more) and all of a sudden the sounds of a wheelchair coming down the hallway went away. but no matter what happens i know hes there! his spirit is in my house! watching over me everyday for the rest of my life, and i have no prollem with him being there... but i will guide him to the right direction, where he is suppose 2be going... "so one day i can see him" And i knew when i was little he was dying... because i had a dream... that: the whole river was dry! i mean dry... no water in site just sand... and his head was pokeing through the sand, and his hand was... so i tried pulling on it... and he told me... and im glad i remember til this day "i love you with all my heart, but its time" i mean you'd think a little 5year old wouldnt remember,... but he was my life! and when i woke up from my dream... my dad was histaric... and was saying "Amy you gotta take Jennifer to your mothers. i hafta go to the hospital something is wrong with my Dad" and i knew then... My life has change since than... i dont think about sucicide and ending my life no more... just because i miss him, i've been trying that since i was Wow! 10... I know ppl will come an go out of my life... But no1 will ever replace the love me and my grandpa shared! My granpa emerson was paralized from the neck down... no use of Fingers Legs Arms... nothing... and he lived his life like that... he was in a car accident when my father was 15 years of age! 50years ago... can you imagine living your life like that, we heard him cry @ night saying "i wish i had the use of my legs... i would work in a coal mine, or shovel horse crap for a living" i know that sounds weird and funny... but he couldnt do nothing like more Grandpas could... but just lay there... in your own piss puke... whatever! until his home-maker came to give him a bath... or whipe his butt! thats why we shouldnt do risky things, and take our lives for granteed! like saying "Ooo i wish i didnt have to go to work" because my grandpa and others would have loved to have that chance again! Thanks 4Reading! I Appreciate It Sincerely: Jennifer L. Sands