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  1. 7 years today

    Hi, I'm sorry for your lose, I know the feeling your describing all to well. I can hear their voices any time I want to listen. I can hear them say hi dad, as plain as if they were standing there with me. No need to feel sorry for how you feel, we have the right to feel sorry for ourselves, believe me.
  2. 7 years today

    Thanks for your reply, it really helps having people like you here to listen, and respond. Stu
  3. 7 years today

    Thanks Colleen, I know I can always find people on here who know what its like to lose a child, and who can understand the grief that I feel.
  4. 7 years today

    Thanks to both of you for emailing me, its Carries aniversary date today, not her birthday, thats on July 3rd.
  5. 7 years today

    I cant believe its been 7 years today since my daughter Carrie Ann died. I still hear her voice when I think of her calls to me. I would pick up the phone, and hear her beautiful voice saying "hi dad" Then 8 months after that day, her brother, my son Matthew died also. LIfe sucks pretty bad.
  6. CarrieAnn

    Thak you so much for you prayers..
  7. CarrieAnn

    Thank you so much, each year it seems, gets harder and harder, guess it will never get any easier...
  8. CarrieAnn

    Happy birthday CarrieAnn, I miss you now more than ever. I cant believe its been more than 5 years since you left.... I miss you also Matthew Love always Dad
  9. Loss of an Adult Child

    Dear Kathysmom Its been a while since I have posted here other than to say happy birthday to my daughter CarrieAnn, but I lost her on 11/03/02, and her brother Matthew on 7/16/03. Both drug related, Carrie overdosed on heroin, and Matthew was going into rehab when he had a massive blod clot. I also look for signs from them, have been to many readers, some good some awfull...what I found is that they have no idea what we seek, and tend to gear their readings to people who have lost parents, as most cant imagine losing a child, never mind two. I have read many books on dieing, the after life, and would recomend Michael Newtons book on the after life. Journey of Souls. It gave me much hope, and comfort, and yes your daughter is still with you, as was mine. She came to me in a dream just before Thanksgiving, and told me she was moving on to the next level, or where we all come from, I actually saw the light she went into, and I have not heard from her since. As for Matthew, I never heard from him when he was alive, so why would that change now? He was a very free spirit. Hang on to your happy thoughts of her, and she gave you a wonderful gift, your grandchild. Peace to you and yours Stu Carrie and Matthews dad
  10. Loss of an Adult Child

    Happy Birthday CarrieAnn....I miss you so much, and I know that you and Matthew are having a great day today, thanks for sending the song to me this morning, you take my breath away also, like you always did. Dad
  11. Loss of an Adult Child

    Than you Claudia, Your very kind, and very thoughtfull....
  12. Loss of an Adult Child

    Good morning friends.. Its been a while since I last visited this place, tody is my son Matthews birthday, he is 35 today, and I miss him and his sister Carrie even more than when they died. Happy birthday Matt..... Love you both... Dad
  13. Loss of an Adult Child

    Claudia, Thank you, and again my sympathies to you.....
  14. Loss of an Adult Child

    Dear friends, Have been off of here for a while, just wanted to say how sorry I am to all of you newly berieved parents, I know how you feel, I lost two of my three children in a span of 8 months to drugs...the pain never goes away, it just changes form. I had a dream over the Thanksgiving weekend, in it I was with my daughter Carrie, we were walking through Boston when she disapeard, I looked and looked for her, and after some time, found her, we continued our walk, when there was this flash of light, and she again was gone....I again searched and searched for her, even called 911 on my cell...I'm wondering if it was her way of telling me that she has gone into the "light"....I hope this is what it means... Love to all of you Stu Carrie and Matthews dad
  15. Loss of an Adult Child

    erinnzmom, I'm in Brunswick, we could meet after your shift on Saturday if you wish, let me know where and when.. stu